This is Part 1 of our two part webinar series

Session 1:

Print Management

15th March 2023 @10.00am


Kofax ControlSuite - Give yourselves and your customers the ability to start digitising workflows in addition to the leading edge Print management solution. 

Printix Cloud Print Management SaaS – Unleash the benefits of modern workplace printing. This solution is perfect for businesses of all sizes and eliminates installation of traditional on-premises print management software.

Session 2:

Document Capture and Management

29th March 2023 @10.00am


Document Navigator - Offering intelligent document capture, processing and delivery, the Document Navigator provides seamless electronic workflows for paper-based documents. 

FileStar -  Easy document management solution that helps customers reduce the reliance on paper whilst saving costs on printing, storing, maintaining, and filing. Ideal solution for scanning and archiving paper to electronic documents.

Session 3:

PDF Creative & Document Translation and Conversion

17th April 2023 @10.00am


Kofax Power PDF Advanced - Intuitive, Secure PDF Software Solution -  includes robust features like search, redaction and integration with Box, Microsoft OneDrive and Evernote with a Microsoft Office-style interface.

Workplace Pure - Enables a cost-effective 24/7 access to a marketplace of services including document translation and conversion, cloud print and direct upload to cloud repositories - from a single trusted source.

Session 4:

Document Management & Accounts Payable As A Service

24th April 2023 @10.00am


M-Files - Work smarter with a document management solution designed to boost productivity and efficiency, improve the customer experience, and deliver real business impact.

Accounts Payable (AP) as a service - AP automation & performances through a unique combination of artificial and human intelligence and cloud-based automation.