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Empower Your Digital Transformation Journey with Kofax Controlsuite

Experience Kofax Controlsuite, a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the realm of digital transformation. Discover how this suite empowers your business processes and readies you for the future.
In a world where digital transformation is not merely a buzzword but a crucial necessity, Kofax Controlsuite takes center stage. Seamlessly integrating innovation and efficiency, this suite offers a transformative journey for reshaping your business processes. Are you prepared to embrace a future-focused approach? Look no further than Controlsuite, your guiding companion through every step of this evolution.
At Konica Minolta, we recognize the modern challenges faced by businesses - optimizing processes, managing data, and fostering growth. In response, we've forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders to present a comprehensive suite of solutions. These solutions are built on the pillars of automation, intelligent data capture, and process orchestration, all working in harmony to drive your organization forward. Join us in propelling your business into a new era of success.

Innovate with Automation:
Elevate efficiency through advanced automated solutions

Smart Data Capture:
Maximize potential with intelligent data mastery

Enhance Processes Seamlessly:
Optimize efficiency through orchestrated workflows

Why Konica Minolta for Print Management?

Intelligent Data Capture

Kofax Controlsuite's advanced data capture technology uses AI and machine learning to extract structured and unstructured data from various sources

  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Forms
This feature reduces manual data entry, improves accuracy, and accelerates data processing

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Document Automation

Controlsuite enables organisations to automate the processing and routing of documents, reducing manual handling and speeding up document-centric workflows. This feature enhances:

  • Collaboration
  • Minimises Errors
  • Improves Overall Document Management

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Integration Capabilities

Controlsuite seamlessly integrates with existing systems and applications, allowing organisations to leverage their current technology investments. This feature:

  • Eliminates data silos
  • Enhances interoperability
leading to a more cohesive and efficient IT environment

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Security and Compliance
prioritise data security and compliance withrobust security measures

Scalability and Adaptability
Kofax Controlsuite offers scalable solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs

Streamlined Workflows 
Controlsuite's process capabilities help you design and manage complex workflows

Real-time Visibility and Analytics
 The platform offers real-time insights and customizable dashboards

Cloud support
Kofax Contrlsuite provides support no matter where you are

Process Orchestration
 Controlsuite allows organisations to design, automate, and optimise end-to-end processes
Information security

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