Intelligent Video Solutions

Intelligence through optics and data

Smart solutions for effective monitoring and safety – protecting your people, facilities and infrastructure

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent video and data solutions combine visual, thermal, sound and sensor data to better protect any environment. With a reputation for being the most robust cameras in the industry, these highly durable, IoT-enabled devices deliver exceptional image quality and data analysis.

Developed with real world security challenges in mind, and a combination of networked hardware, software and service products, we offer a range of intelligent video solutions optimised for remote applications and cloud-based technology. In simple terms our solutions are computers with lenses, working intelligently and with embedded storage capacities.

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras: Heat mapping, thermal detection, monitoring machinery temperature, preventative monitoring, food and manufacturing
  • Access Control: Facial recognition, secure area protection, license plate recognition
  • Image & Process Monitoring: People counting, queue monitoring, patient activity, object counting, behavioural detection, intelligent Information management
  • Surveillance Cameras: Security, mobile surveillance, site protection, public area security, prevention of vandalism and theft

Our Intelligent Video Solutions remove the requirement for human intervention, they can be quickly deployed, with hardware being shipped to your site for installation by your local facilities and IT team. Install and set-up can be done remotely (subject to network connection), giving you, your employees and business the protection you need.

Why Konica Minolta for Intelligent Video Solutions

Our intelligent video solutions can solve problems in all areas: Ensuring safety in a factory unit, registering vehicles to detecting movement, communicating with the network or triggering alarms if necessary. The solution also allows you to analyse the customer behaviour while shopping, count every person in the entrance hall or help within a health clinic by being a real nurse’s assistant 24/7. Thanks to the unique video solution technology and services, a holistic security concept for every business has been developed, to make the invisible visible.

Key Features

Our solutions are decentralised, can span multiple locations and deliver real-time data across an entire organisation. This means they can protect or monitor larger areas with fewer cameras and without the need for complex or expensive control rooms.

Combining easy-to-use open application interfaces, low bandwidth requirements (which ease network pressure without compromising image quality), embedded storage and software development kits to create tailored, intelligent end-to-end solutions.



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Durability: no moving parts that can break

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No blind spots: 360 hemispherical / 180 degree panoramic views

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Efficiency: low power consumption; fewer cameras with greater coverage

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Reduced liability: Evidence of events with high image quality

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Predictability: event triggering to prevent breaches

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Security: encrypted transmission guarantees data security

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Reliable coverage and high quality evidence

Intelligent Video Solutions brochure

Download the intelligent video solutions brochure to discover how Intelligent video and data combine visual, thermal, sound and sensor data to better protect your people, facilities and infrastructure

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Video Solutions Konica Minolta Mobotix

Internazionale Milano

Find out how Inter Milan equipped their offices with functional and technologically advanced infrastructure. As Inter’s official Digital Workplace Provider, Konica Minolta was able to meet this requirement and create an integrated and interactive digital office combining both print and intelligent video solutions.

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Thermal recognition

During unprecedented times, protecting employees and customers is vital to any organisation, using the visual and thermal radiometry the intelligent video solutions can be configured to detect an elevated body temperature. The thermal sensor can be used in any facility, premises or public environment to:


  • Identify elevated body temperature of any person entering a site.

  • Raise a warning to the effected person and notify personnel to act immediately

  • Reduce the potential spread of infection

  • Protect employees and customers

  • Help defend the organisation against threats

More and more industrial companies, public institutions, local authorities and healthcare organisations use thermal imaging technology to protect their assets, people and provide proactive warning systems.
By using heat signatures and applying ranges based on the environment and the application, our thermal solutions not only identify elevated body and object temperatures, but also mitigate overheating, risk of fires and enable first line defence.

Download our ‘Thermal Imaging Technology Explained’ Infographic

Download our ‘Thermal Imaging’ Fact Sheet


London Underground

Find out how Thermal imaging helps to protect critical depots serving Europe’s largest underground railway. Over 4.2 million people use the London Underground each day. Although not often visible to customers, during the night thousands of people are also busy at work to ensure that the signalling, tracks and other critical infrastructure is maintained and upgraded to meet increased demands placed on the Tube network.

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure for London Underground

Intelligent Security Solutions for your business

In the age of digitalisation, companies must ensure their information security more than ever, take a look at our whitepaper to find out how you can protect and secure yours.


Proven expertise

Our intelligent video solutions hardware is manufactured by a German-based pioneering global company that has been developing and installing video-based solutions since 2000. 

Part of the Konica Minolta Group of Companies, Mobotix is renowned for its uncompromisingly reliable, intelligent solutions that can be expanded almost without limits and which ensure long-term investment security for their clients.


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Improve processes plus safeguard staff and patients, NHS | Konica Minolta UK

Intelligent video solutions for the NHS

Improve processes plus safeguard staff and patients

Computers with a lens

Our Intelligent Video Solutions combine networked hardware, software and services. Visual, thermal, sound and sensor data is combined to monitor operations and reliably detect threats or potential risks in order to improve safeguarding of your staff, patients, visitors and property.

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