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With over 35 years of expertise, Konica Minolta stands as the ultimate fax solutions authority. From On-Premise Fax Servers to Cloud Fax services, we cater to diverse faxing needs. Our Fax Solutions, centered around OpenText RightFax, the world’s leading e-document delivery platform, seamlessly automate fax, paper, and electronic document workflows. This translates to substantial cost savings and accelerated information exchange for businesses.

Experience the ease of desktop faxing with email integration, and maximize efficiency with MFP device integration, backed by robust Active Directory security. Discover the power to fax-enable various applications and backend processes – Konica Minolta makes every aspect of faxing brilliantly efficient and adaptable.

Unparalleled fax expertise delivering tailored, expert solutions

Leverage OpenText RightFax for seamless document workflow automation

Effortless desktop, MFP faxing with robust security and adaptability

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Streamlining Communication with RightFax: Efficiency and Cost Reductions

In a digital age, fax remains an indispensable tool for businesses. Transitioning from traditional fax machines to a network fax or hosted fax solution, like RightFax, revolutionizes information delivery. Enjoy unmatched cost reductions by eliminating paper-based methods, standalone fax devices, and related maintenance expenses. Boost operational efficiency with swift document exchange, leading to accelerated sales cycles and enhanced customer service. RightFax doesn't just simplify communication; it paves the way for elevated productivity and financial savings.

  • Cut costs by eliminating paper-based methods and standalone devices
  • Accelerate sales cycles and enhance customer service with swift exchanges
  • RightFax modernizes communication for productivity and financial efficiency

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Secure Document Delivery with RightFax: Trustworthy and Compliant

 RightFax ensures trusted and reliable electronic document transmission, aligning seamlessly with compliance regulations. Safeguard sensitive information and protect privacy effortlessly, all while adhering to industry standards. Whether you choose the on-premise RightFax server for meticulous control or the hosted solution for worry-free maintenance, your data security remains uncompromised. 

  • Ensure reliable electronic transmission while complying with regulations
  • Safeguard sensitive data and prioritize information security effortlessly
  • On-premise control or hosted ease, both uphold data protection standards

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RightFax: Versatile Solutions for Every Faxing Need

From intricate data control to effortless cloud solutions, RightFax caters to diverse faxing requirements. For meticulous organizations seeking comprehensive control and heightened security, the on-premise RightFax server offers scalability and data integrity. Prefer to unburden your team from server management? Opt for the hosted solution, maintaining features and security. Seeking simplicity without sacrificing quality? Our Cloud Fax Solution provides seamless fax-to-email/email-to-fax capabilities. RightFax embraces versatility, enabling businesses to tailor their faxing experience to their unique needs.

  • Tailor communication with on-premise control or hosted solutions
  • Optimize data security or simplify operations based on unique requirements
  • Cloud Fax Solution offers seamless fax-to-email/email-to-fax capabilities

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RightFax Server

A single point of view & easy access to all your information where ever it is.

RightFax as a Managed Service

Realise new operational efficiencies & performances through automated & digital workflows.

RightFax Connect

Simplify operational complexity & remove departmental silos of information.

ProcessFlows Cloud Fax

Reduce risk and improve compliance with governed digital workflows.

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