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Optimise safety, security, and quality control for seamless production.

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Enhance Your Manufacturing Operations with Quality Assurance & Compliance Solutions 

In today's rapidly changing manufacturing landscape, maintaining quality assurance and compliance is vital. Our intelligent solutions seamlessly integrate AI-driven technology and IoT platforms to ensure comprehensive quality control, regulation compliance, and health and safety management. Discover how our cutting-edge services can empower your operations to achieve unparalleled efficiency. 

Ensure adherence to PPE and food safety standards. 

Detect and address defects proactively with AI. 

Strengthen reputation management with real-time oversight. 

Why We Are a Leader Among Quality Assurance In Manufacturing!

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Features of Our Quality Assurance & Compliance Solutions

Enhanced Security Monitoring

Safeguard your premises with cutting-edge video technology designed for advanced threat detection. This intelligent system integrates seamlessly, providing real-time alerts to prevent security breaches, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted by external threats. Experience enhanced vigilance with weather-resistant capabilities for consistent protection across all conditions. 

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Workplace Safety Enforcement

Implement a robust safety protocol with our advanced monitoring system that enhances workplace safety through continuous oversight. This solution ensures adherence to social distancing guidelines and provides special attention to lone workers, enhancing overall employee safety and compliance. Proactive management through this innovative technology helps maintain a secure and healthy working environment. 

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Precision Quality Control

Address the critical need for impeccable quality standards in your production processes with a sophisticated visual inspection system. Powered by artificial intelligence, this tool excels in identifying even the smallest anomalies that may escape human detection. Streamline your operations by integrating this technology to maintain high-quality outputs in manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing environments. 

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Benefits of Our Quality Assurance & Compliance

Minimise costly defects

Improve compliance with safety regulations

Detect potential threats with real-time surveillance

Reduce downtime with proactive quality management

Streamline operations with integrated AI and IoT

Strengthen brand reputation with reliable oversight



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Michał Rejnowski

CEO Totem.com.pl


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Tore Mosand

General Manager, Nordland Betong


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David Burian

Head of Service, Bruker s.r.o., Czech Republic


Our Global Customer Service enabled BMW Group to outsource these tasks to us, unburdening their internal resources and reducing administrational...

Ante Borau

Head of Global Operations, BMW


The AccurioJet KM-1 is like a Swiss Army knife because it has so many uses. It ticks all the boxes and can be used for all kinds of substrates...

Daniel Baier

Managing, Director at Rehms Druck



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