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Rethink the 9 to 5: More agility for your business processes

With technological, social, environmental and generational shifts, ‘work’ can no longer be defined as a physical space we go to from 9 to 5. Businesses need technology to cope with the challenges of this changing world of work more than ever. The increasing shortage in the IT labour market is putting even more pressure on internal IT teams, whilst tight budgets don’t allow for cost-intensive IT investments. With remote and hybrid working here to stay, businesses need to look more closely at components such as cybersecurity and system infrastructure in order to support mobile working environments. Agile teams must flexibly scale up on a project-by-project basis, utilising data to optimise decision-making.

By accelerating their digital transformation strategy with a technology platform like Workplace One, businesses can simplify their IT operations whilst embracing the new way of working. It is a flexible cloud solution built around the needs of IT personnel and its daily users. By moving both the infrastructure and all new and existing business applications and software to the cloud, it reduces manual IT operations significantly, whilst providing employees with an easy-to-use, browser-based tool that integrates various workplace applications and data into a single user interface.



Workplace One offers a range of different benefits:

Simplified IT operations: 
Save internal IT resources thanks to quick and easy implementation of a cloud technology solution – no need to invest in, install or run your own on-site infrastructure.

Improved mobile work and collaboration: 
Employees can access Workplace One from any device at any time. The collaboration space can be reached via Microsoft Teams, mobile apps or a web browser. Sharing knowledge, files and information via Microsoft Teams or company landing page brings a whole new level of agility to your business processes.

Increased flexibility: 

Choose between different user levels to support the needs of your growing business. Customise Workplace One according to your business’s individual workflows and corporate identity.


The system can be scaled according to the number of users and capacity requirements. Applications can be added or removed as you wish according to your business’s development. Plus, your individual SharePoint landing page can be adapted to your evolving business needs.

Highest security: 

Firewall and antivirus software help you sleep soundly knowing that your software and data is safe at all times. Daily backups are made on all your servers and Office/Microsoft 365, ensuring that all your servers and files are protected. Multifactor Authentication prevents unauthorised access to sensitive information by default.

Comprehensive yet flexible: The Workplace One platform specifically meets the demands of small and medium-sized businesses. Whether you’d like to start from scratch or improve your existing digital infrastructure, we will help you find the right approach for your individual business.


Key features

Key features
  • Different types of user depending on access and administration needs
  • Integration with Office/Microsoft 365
  • Multifactor Authentication for additional security
  • Customisable company landing page based on SharePoint Online
  • Management of Office/Microsoft 365 and Windows server Active Directory
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of servers and applications
  • Backup of all data in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive
  • Windows server in certified Konica Minolta data centres


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