PrintShop Mail Connect

One-to-one communication for print and email

PrintShop Mail Connect is tailor-made for print providers and CRDs looking to engage in one-to-one communication. But who also want to adopt direct marketing capabilities.

This software offers all the advantages of a personalised communication tool. And provides simultaneous one-to-one communication for print and email in just one step.

Simple and straightforward it helps you to:

  • improve your business processes
  • increase productivity and profitability
  • provide new revenue opportunities 

An entry level solution, it can be easily upgraded to PlanetPress Connectand grow with the increasing demands of your business.

Key Features

Key Features

One-to-one marketing

  • Easy implementation of digital delivery
  • Parallel print and e-mail communication

Integration into printing workflows

  • Support of device-specific settings

Multi channel communication

  • Unified data model
  • Ease of use
  • True multi-channel solution
  • 1-on-1 customer communication
  • Leverage the new communication trends