PlanetPress Virtual Stationery

Enhancing the productivity and flexibility of print workflows

Move your pre-printed stationery and forms to the virtual world with PlanetPress Virtual Stationery. With everything is stored as a PDF on the hard disk of your output system, you can reduce your costs and negative environmental impact.

Pre-printed stock has many disadvantages including wasted time, labour, prints and outdated stationery. Something as simple as updating the address can become a nuisance. PlanetPress Virtual Stationery let the user select the desired letterhead or form as the point of printing. The document is then printed from any Windows application on the corrected headed paper. 

Key Features

Key Features


  • PDFs instead of printed stationery
  • Plain paper from any tray
  • Assign and virtually load different types of stationery
  • Server-based setup via web interface
  • Automatic download for optimised printing 
  • Print from any Windows application
  • Minimises IT overheads