PlanetPress Connect

Automate routine tasks to increase production efficiency and profitability

Routine jobs carried out manually can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Without automation, your print operators have to spend time adjusting your devices for each new print job. And take into account the customer's preferences for personalised communications. PlanetPress Connect is the perfect solution to these problems.

Simple and straightforward, PlanetPress Connect increases productivity and profitability and improves your business processes. You'll benefit from effective one-to-marketing. And the automation and multi-channel distribution capabilities can grow alongside your business.

Enhance your production efficiency and increase profitability
PlanetPress Connect allows you to create personalised documents like direct mail, invoices and emails. Providing you with full control of printing and paper handling features. Ideal for the commercial printing environment you can overlay data on customer's designs. And support device-specific settings.

Easily automate routine tasks
PlanetPress Connect offers a comprehensive toolbox for every step of the communications workflow. Fully personalised communications for all output types including print, HTML, email and web. It empowers users to create personalised communication that can capture the reader's attention.

Key Features

Key Features


  • Drag & drop
  • Individual data configurations
  • Efficient data mapping

Automatic setup and inline finishing

  • Full control of printing and paper handling features
  • Automated distribution

One-to-one marketing

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Varied support of data and document input
  • Import from any Windows application
  • Intelligent interpretation of content


  • Enriching documents with promotional content
  • Automated distribution

Integration into printing workflows 

  • Full control of printing and paper handling features

Multi channel communication

  • Extends a customer interaction by combining indirect and direct communication channels
  • Integration of print communication, online communication, direct communication and mobile communication

Print policies and rules

  • Choice of business document processes
  • Conditions trigger actions
  • Industry-standard print formats 

Product-based job processing

  • Dynamic delivery routines 
  • E-mail
  • Text messages
  • Online communication 
  • Improved print communication