Colour Coverage Analyser

Improving the cost transparency of colour printing

Knowing the toner or ink coverage of a document is essential to understand your print costs. Colour Coverage Analyser allows you to estimate the amount of toner or ink required for a print job. 

It will also show you the coverage for different printers and printing technologies, including laser, inkjet and offset. So you can compare two printers or printing technologies with each other. You'll know which device offers the best value for the print job at hand. And you can safeguard your budgets and provide your customers with more precise cost calculations.

Ultimately, the Colour Coverage Analyser helps you secure the highest margins.

Key Features

Key Features
  • Coverage calculation - calculating the ink or toner coverage for print jobs
  • Click cost calculation - available for toner and ink based devices, offset machines and wide format printers
  • Click cost comparison - comparisons between identical systems, digital printing against offset production