BENS Server

The smart solution for creating print and document workflows

BENS server offers mobile printing and works as a network print server, manipulating and optimising print data streams. Particularly useful for an organisation that needs to offer secure mobile printing.

Application-independent secure and mobile printing

Completely application-independent, BENS Server refines mobile print data to achieve desired print results. Combining conversion as well as enhancement capabilities, it's easily scalable. A single BENS Server appliance can support and enhance the feature set of an entire corporate network.

Optimised printing and customised workflows

Working as a network print server, BENS Server offers flexible and scalable print process management. Ensuring output devices adapt to virtually any print environment, including SAP and other ERP systems. Barcodes, corporate fonts or macros can be added and carbon copies created to replace matrix printers. Or translate proprietary print data streams like Prescribe into standard printer languages. 

Adapting to any printing environment

BENS Server doubles as a smart solution for creating user-specific print and document workflows. Its feature set:

  • provides valuable support for unified print room management
  • facilitates the definition of print policies
  • allows product-based job processing
  • supports effective print queue management

Key Features

Key Features

Secure printing

  • Administrator-controlled user access
  • File encryption
  • Follow-me printing
  • Secure print job release
  • Authentication via PIN
  • Authentication via barcode

Flexible job submission

  • Driver print
  • Mobile print

Supports a BYOD* corporate policy

  • Multi-vendor solution
  • Printing from mobile device

Support of file formats & output settings

  • Default print output settings