Authentication Technologies

Enabling document & print security

With the decline in desktop printers and the rise in centralised printing devices which may be accessible to all, authentication technologies are key to controlling access.

We've equipped our drivers and devices with specific authentication technologies. The devices and methods can be tailored to your specific needs and infrastructure:

  • Card authentication
  • Personal PIN code
  • Biometric authentication
  • User credentials
  • Print release token

Ensuring only authorised personnel can pull the hard copy from the printer.

Key Features

Key Features

Print security

  • High convenience and high print security
  • Fast facilitation
  • Off-the-shelf integration
  • Safe and secure with pull printing
  • Safe encryption and flexible printing

Device access control

  • In-house security technologies smoothly adopted
  • Access granularity safeguards control
  • Smart software for strong security
  • Administrators helped by clever code
  • Ultra secure with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Secure and reliable access for a family of corporate entities

Data leakage prevention

  • Active contribution to controlling and confining data leaks
  • Plug leaks quickly

Document security

  • Secure access to personal documents
  • Keep a tight lid on sensitive projects
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