AccurioPro Label Impose

The only digital label printing software you'll ever need

AccurioPro Label Impose is a far simpler than conventional analogue systems, allowing you can queue jobs straight from your touch screen control panel. Making reprints quicker and more cost-effective whilst also reducing your staff-training time.

To maintain efficiency in your label production, you need to be able to automate and integrate tasks wherever possible. And optimise your use of media to avoid waste of the label substrate. Because of this, several labels are usually imposed across the width and length of the label web. But when done manually, this can become a complicated and time-consuming procedure.

Our AccurioPro Label Impose software tool provides the perfect solution to this challenge. It gives operators a simple an intuitive interface to automatically impose and prepare label jobs for printing, letting users create PDFs as a basis for the appropriate cutting tools on die cutting equipment.

With its intuitive user interface and large print area, the tool is designed to be the perfect complement to Konica Minolta's label press at every point in the procedure, working seamlessly with our digital label printing devices.

You do the printing. Let us do the impositioning.

Why is AccurioPro Label Impose an indispensable tool for Label Printing

We understand that to maintain efficiency you need to be able to automate and integrate label printing as much as possible. Learn more about why the AccurioPro Label Impose perfectly complements our label press devices.

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