AccurioPro Flux Essential

Optimise your print output with the AccurioPro Flux Essential

As a print provider, you’ll know that to meet tight deadlines you don't want to lose time with repetitive tasks. Automating recurring tasks and centralising the control of all your production machines will improve your print room productivity. And you won't lose time setting up repetitive tasks for similar print jobs.

The AccurioPro Flux Essential comes set up with predefined imposition schemes. This automates the error-prone task of arranging several pages on a sheet. Operators only need to set up templates once and can reuse the prepress work again and again.

Intelligent print functions, including templates and colour-split, save the user time and money. Offering all the functionality you need for efficient prepress processes. 


You can organise your print production in the most efficient and least costly way. Always using the best-suited output device for the production of each job. 

Late job editing allows you to make last-minute changes to the settings moments before the job goes to production. And thanks to real-time preview, you'll immediately see any changes made. Saving you valuable time, since you won't have to produce sample prints.

Your pre-press work has never been so smooth or simple to manage. 

Key Features

Key Features
  • Product based job processing, automating the application of print settings
  • Easy job import with drag & drop or via scan workflow
  • Hot Folders enabling automated import of jobs
  • Custom job filters
  • Cluster print
  • Copy, page and colour split
  • Flux Raster Editor