AccurioPro Dashboard Ultimate

Essential tool to optimise print output

AccurioPro Dashboard Ultimate, Konica Minolta's software tool that powers ultimate DX on-demand printing. ​

It is like a production activity partner that securely collects accurate data, aggregates and analyzes it from a unique perspective and saves the user a lot of time and money by eliminating the need to​ collect data manually. In today's market where demands faster, cheaper, and higher quality printed matter a lot KONICA MINOTLA provides a unique dashboard tool that is easy to understand and use, ​with full support for KONICA MINOLTA toner devices. This mighty tool predicts how the performance could be based on the experiences from the past. ​

AccurioPro Dashboard Ultimate provides not only a record. Discover a very detailed data driven report helping you to plan upcoming jobs properly the operator, ​executive as also the manager to reflect where are capabilities in the print room to print additional jobs.  ​

AccurioPro Dashboard Ultimate

AccurioPro Dashboard Ultimate
  • Provides multiple views based on the user role
  • ​​Fast, simple and straightforward cloud solution which can be operated from anywhere​
  • Displays detailed information about machine usage like panel operation​
  • Enables a very detailed Data-driven production​
  • Reports tray empty , paper jam as also service call information ​
  • Shows the exact timeshare for print preparation, print interruption, idle and printing mode​
  • Enables the user to export collected data as a csv-file​

Device monitoiring made easy: AccurioPro Dashboard brochure

AccurioPro Dashboard captures the shopfloor with great detail enabling its users to reduce downtime as well as costs related to production. At the same time, the software helps maximize the overall productivity: AccurioPro Dashboard analyses the entire production process automatically collecting and evaluating device information – and thus adds intelligence to your print-related business decisions.

AccurioPro Dashboard brochure