AccurioPro Compile

Create a print project once and re-use it at any time

Do you regularly print documents from a variety of different PDF files? AccurioPro Compile makes it quick and easy to create and prepare print projects. Even if the information comes from a variety of different departments and sources.

Updating your print files even with a small change can be a time-consuming task. And with content supplied from various departments across the business, keeping track of the latest version gets complicated. By introducing automation into your print process to update your print files you'll save time and money.

The technology lets you create your print project just once. And by saving the project structure as a template you can re-use it over and over again.

Your print projects get linked to the source files stored in any folder within your company's network. So you can compile files from lots of different sources into one final document.Each time a print command is given, only the latest file version is retrieved and inserted into the document. So you can be sure you're only printing up-to-date documents, without the need for manual intervention.

Give it a week and you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without it. 

Key Features

Key Features
  • Save your print project as a template
  • Create professionally structured print projects
  • Quickly, comfortably and reliably edit print projects
  • Automatic setup and inline finishing
  • Customised documentation
  • Mixed formats possible
  • Content is up-to-date at all times