Cloud Data Centre Services: Highest data security with infrastructure as a service

Secure and remote Working

Secure and remote Working
The working world is changing at lightning speed. With remote and hybrid working models emerging, companies must consider how to best support mobile working environments.

Rather than purchasing and maintaining on-site servers and additional network equipment, Konica Minolta removes IT infrastructure management challenges, decreases costs and allows organisations to focus on their core tasks.

Konica Minolta Cloud Data Centre Services provide an "Infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS) offering in Konica Minolta’s own European Data Centres in Hanover (Germany) and Stockholm (Sweden) - highly available, secure and scalable. We offer our customers a personalised service, with tailored consultancy and support. Our experts provide detailed onboarding covering configuration of the network elements, as well as advice on how to best to use their private cloud in combination with their software solutions to achieve their objectives.


Benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance
Smooth & secure business operations
  • High availability of your IT infrastructure based in modern European Data Centres
  • Ease of remote work - at any time, from anywhere, on any device
  • We take care of your IT infrastructure on highest security measures with pro-active (24/7) monitoring  
  • Highly secure single-tenant private cloud environment

Save time & costs
  •  Get out of the hardware management business and focus on your core business tasks
  •  Remove on-premise risk
  •  Fixed, transparent price model

Tailored to your needs
  • Transfer responsibility and risk for your IT infrastructure to our experts and let us customise your cloud environment to exactly what you need

Konica Minolta Cloud Data Centre Brochure

Konica Minolta Cloud Data Centre Services provide a high-quality, scalable private cloud environment. Our IaaS offer includes the delivery of a virtual IT infrastructure, including virtual network, virtual storage and virtual server resources in Konica Minolta’s own European Data Centres.


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Key Features


Central single point of contact with 24/7 availability


ISO27001 and DIN EN 50600 certified to ensure GDPR compliance


Strict security concept and comprehensive data protection


Maximum flexibility and scalable cloud environment  - grows as required in accordance with your corporate IT 


Full cost control without expensive investments into your own infrastructure


Relieves staff - no maintenance effort for your employees

Cloud services for SMEs e-book

With the exponential growth in data, and faced by a need to compete in a fast-moving digital age, the decision to stay with outmoded legacy systems can mean that SMEs risk falling behind. With the benefit of a long-term perspective and a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses, Konica Minolta is helping SMEs get up to speed and take to the cloud.

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