Production Print Training

Production Print Training Options

Production Print Training Options

Production Hardware & Controller Training

Our training team will provide a detailed explanation of how your Konica Minolta production printing solution can be configured and used, to match your requirements.

As part of the training you'll find out:

  • how the print controller can be used within your existing workflow
  • basic colour management skills
  • how to be productive with your new system
  • how to use the features and capabilities of the engine and controller
  • how to apply your knowledge to manage and production print jobs
  • how to fully utilise your complete workflow solution

Customer Maintenance Service (CMS) Training

Our Customer Maintenance Service training enable print providers and commercial printers to carry out preventive system care, Fully trained key operators will be allowed to change parts without needing any technical assistance from Konica Minolta. Allowing you to maximise your up-time and support your continuity of service for your business.

Professional Colour Management Training

Managing brand colours is critical to ensuring print jobs are not rejected by your customers. Our Professional Colour Management Course allows you and your team to fully understand the essentials for setting up and maintaining colour. And how to profile your engine to your customers' stocks, giving you key skills needed to maintain colour accuracy. We'll also show how to get the best measurement and control tools for print output, creating high quality ICC printer profiles.

This ensures your customers needs for brand integrity are matched time and time again.

Core Solutions Workflow Training

We'll ensure your key operators can fully understand and utilise all of the Konica Minolta solutions you have in place. Our training consultants will guide them through each and every aspect of the solution, making sure they're 100% confident in understanding and getting the best possible output from it.

The solutions training will always be integrated with your workflow training to ensure maximum return on investment for your chosen solution and training package.

PDFs in a Pre-Press Environment

Pre-press operators today must be able to work with the industry-standard graphic software programs including the Adobe CC suite of applications. Basically, if you can use these programs effectively, you are more likely to be able to identify a solution when there is a problem. Your knowledge and experience will be essential.

We can help develop the skills of your Key Operators, so they have a working knowledge of the printing process, binding requirements and how they both affect each printing project. This knowledge is critical in order to produce high-quality print but also helps reduce the cost and time required to fix errors or carry out re-runs.

Konica PPD Training Brochure

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Konica PP brochure

"All of my operators who had training on site at Konica Minolta have found the training to be very valuable, productive and a worthwhile experience. We gained greater knowledge on how to run and maintain our machines to their optimum level. The trainer, who was very welcoming, passed on his knowledge to our team which has been beneficial for all involved. I could not recommend any more highly, training with Konica Minolta."

GI Solutions

Production Hardware & Controller Training

"The training given by Konica Minolta to our staff was excellent and enabled them to use the equipment to its full potential in a very short length of time. The training was planned to meet our needs so we could schedule work during installation of the equipment, they were also available to come in at a later stage and go over anything that the staff had not fully grasped."

Alan Shepher, WNC.AC

Customer Maintenance Service Training

"We were made very welcome on our visit to KM. The training was detailed and thorough, but also made extremely easy to understand by the trainer. We solved every issue we had faced to date, as well as learning a variety of new skills which will aid us moving forward. The quality of our work has improved ten-fold already, to learn the full spectrum of the colour controls was expecially useful as this will keep our work consistent and clients happy."

V R Digital

Professional Colour Management Training