Setting up an intranet: quickly and securely

A modern intranet is a valuable tool for internal communication and a secure way to exchange data. Read how your...


Workflow management: when everything runs smoothly

People who work in flow are more productive: keep the flow going in your company with automated and IT-supported work...


RPA: what exactly is robotic process automation?

Efficient and automated: robotic process automation (RPA) is a new trend in the area of automation and digital...


Cloud CRM and ERP systems point to growth

Small and medium sized enterprises can keep up with the big boys more easily if they use cloud ERP and cloud CRM...


5G: what becomes possible when data is 100 times faster than before

The ultra-fast 5G technology is getting underway worldwide in the coming months. That opens up many new opportunities...


High-performance computing: what it can do and for whom

High-performance computing (HPC) is the future. Read how SMEs can make use of the comprehensive and complex...


RFID: How businesses use chip technology

We already use RFID chips to unlock our cars and pay simply by tapping our credit cards. What opportunities does this...


Cognitive systems: what do algorithm trainers do?

People learn through experience. Machines and algorithms do so with the help of data. But how do artificial...


Data dilemma on collaborative platforms: Do you synchronise, or are you still sending?

Data sharing remains a major hurdle in daily workflow. But why? The solution is as simple as it is ingenious. Read on:

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