Top Digital & IT Pain Points & Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses


What does the research say?

Konica Minolta survey identifies security and data protection as the top Digital & IT pain point for small and medium businesses in the wake of the COVID pandemic.
The comprehensive survey was commissioned with leading analyst Keypoint Intelligence to uncover small business pain points across 550 European and UK companies which forms a new Konica Minolta whitepaper on the technology challenges and opportunities.
Whilst 48% of respondents cited security and data protection as their primary challenge, a worrying 67% of respondents reported that their company has experienced a malware incident in the last two years, suggesting these concerns are well founded.
There was also positive news in the Keypoint Intelligence survey. As a result of COVID-related challenges, 47% of all respondents said they have acquired or upgraded IT security software or services, making it the top area of investment.

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