The Digital Workplace Initiative - what lies behind all the hype

The workplace is changing. Static desks are going the way of the scrapyard and being replaced by flexible, digital workplaces. In a world where everyone has a smartphone and the continued rise of the Internet of Things, information needs to be easily accessible from any device or location. 

In 2016 businesses invested an average of £3.2million to achieve a digital workplace, with an average 23% increase in productivity. But is the digital workplace all about deploying up-to-the-minute tech, or is there more to it? How can businesses create workplaces that facilitate flexible working practices that get the most out of their employees and resources?

Download this whitepaper to discover:
  • What is key to achieving that digital workplace
  • How to achieve peak productivity within your organisation
  • How to get the best out of your employees
  • How to balance your people, processes and technology
  • How to create a digital workplace within your organisation