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Secure Printing: Safeguard Your Data, Optimise Efficiency

Take control of your data security and optimise your printing environment with Konica Minolta's secure printing solution. Safeguard your sensitive information and corporate data with advanced security measures for both your network and print devices. Monitor and manage user access rights, track printing behavior, and generate insightful reports to make data-driven decisions. Protect your valuable assets and ensure secure data management while optimising your printing processes for maximum efficiency and peace of mind.
here are some of the key features that make us stand out:

Advanced Data Security:
Ensure the protection of your valuable and sensitive information

Streamlined Print Environment:
Optimise printing operations and resources with an easy-to-use interface

User Identification and Reporting:
Require user authentication for printing, scanning, and copying, generating insightful reports

Why We Are a Leader Among Managed Print Services

Benefits Of Our Secure Printing Solution

Improved efficiency and productivity by minimising printing disruptions and errors

Prevention of unauthorised access to sensitive printouts for data security

Streamlined print workflows with secure release and tracking capabilities

Enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements for document confidentiality

Confidential document protection with secure user authentication and encryption

Reduction of print waste and cost by eliminating unclaimed print jobs

Features Of Our Secure Printing Solution

Device Hardware

Most Konica Minolta devices are equipped with HDD (hard disk) and super-reliable central memory safety mechanisms, ensuring confidential data and other sensitive corporate information are is always protected. Konica Minolta provides the highest level of security, with ISO 15408 Common Criteria Certification.

Device Software

Discover how our software can revolutionise your business operations. With tailored solutions for every industry and work style, our software prioritises your needs to solve your company's unique challenges. Our software offerings include cost-effective printing and copying solutions, advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive documents, and much more. Count on us to deliver reliable and sophisticated software solutions for even the most demanding organisations.

Bizhub Secure

Konica Minolta has developed bizhub SECURE to provide customers with the resources required to protect any information on bizhub’s internal hard drive. After determining its customers’ specific needs, Konica Minolta configures a range of the MFP’s security features – so keeping any data, documents and information related to the MFP completely secure.

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Quocirca’s latest Global Print Security Landscape analysis affirms Konica Minolta’s strategy

Device Security Case Study

Today, virtually every business has multifunctional printers (MFPs) that print, scan, copy, fax and even send emails. Since the systems have both a hard disk and are connected to the company network and are usually located in places that are accessible to many people, they can represent a significant security gap if not adequately protected.

Introducing "The Hacker"

Over the course of 80+ hours, multiple efforts were made to access the operating system of Konica Minolta's MFPs by trained experts at NTT Data, an internationally respected IT services provider. All attempts to extract data failed, with the MFPs maintaining the privacy and integrity of the stored information!