Rethinking possibilities as Konica Minolta unveils more ‘virtual.drupa’ detail

London, UK | 30 March 2021

Konica Minolta has pledged to rethink print possibilities together with partners and customers for its participation at the ‘virtual.drupa’ from 20-23 April 2021.

Visionary trends will be covered in areas such as inkjet, embellishment, automation and augmented reality (AR).

Reshaping limits and pushing the power of print will be core to Konica Minolta’s messaging during the online event where it will have its own online showroom and host a number of web sessions. It has been organised by Messe Düsseldorf to maintain momentum until the next drupa in 2024. Updates will be provided on Konica Minolta’s production and industrial machine portfolio, including; embellishment, software, consultancy and services. The gap between technical innovations of an evolving digital world and strengths and values of print will be a key area on which the technology leader will refocus throughout the four days.
The key focus will be on helping customers with their digital transformation. Konica Minolta’s advanced software and hardware systems are seamlessly linked to provide full automation to support a more efficient workflow from an initial order through to finished product. This will include web-to-print with AccurioPro Flux, print control room with AccurioPro Dashboard, AccurioPress C4080 Series and C14000 Series toner cut-sheet devices – together with Konica Minolta’s sophisticated range of inline finishing systems. This web session will take place April 21, 10:40 am CET.
Another attraction will be showing workflows in a respective web session on April 22, 10 am CET for Konica Minolta’s AccurioJET KM-1e LED UV inkjet colour production press, which is the successor to the AccurioJET KM-1 formally launched at drupa in 2016.  As one of the world’s leading producers of inkjet technology, Konica Minolta will also be highlighting technology advances across the MGI JETVarnish systems. These range across entry level machines through to B1 devices and will be covered in an adjacent web session on April 22 at 11:20 am CET.
Konica Minolta’s highly successful AccurioLabel 230 toner label press, with more than 700 installations across the world, will also be spotlighted throughout ‘virtual.drupa’, the PKG-675i corrugated packaging press and the MOTIONCUTTER® digital laser system. The Labels & Packaging Web session is taking place on April 23, 11:20 am CET and the one for MOTIONCUTTER at the same day at 10 am CET.
Prokom, the global community for Konica Minolta customers, will also have a presence with a web session taking place April 20th at 10:40 am CET. Currently it has more than 2,000 customers registered as members of Prokom, which provides valuable information and insight to help Konica Minolta users to become more productive, efficient and grow business.
“The virtual platform offered by Messe Düsseldorf is something we welcome when a face-to-face event is not possible,” said Olaf Lorenz, General Manager International Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. “Through an exchange of ideas, we can share and showcase how we provide our customers with the best possible support in a partnership approach.
“Reshaping our limits and pushing the power of print will be at the heart of how we build bridges across the complete spectrum in an increasingly digital world. From classical technologies to digital printing technology, as well as through software and consultancy services, we combine the best of all worlds and help customers rethink the future.”
To find out more check out our virtual.drupa event page.



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