Konica Minolta wins two BLI Awards from Keypoint Intelligence for its print and document management solutions

London, UK | 16 March 2021

Konica Minolta is proud to announce that it has won two major awards for its print and document management solutions - Dispatcher Paragon and Document Navigator 5.

The print accounting and management solution Dispatcher Paragon has won the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2021 Pick Award for Outstanding Cost Accounting & Recovery Solution, whilst the document capturing solution Document Navigator 5 has been awarded the BLI 2021 Pick Award for Outstanding Document Capture Solution.

Dispatcher Paragon keeps costs under control

Companies are under more pressure than ever before when it comes to keeping their costs in check. However, many organisations have no control over who is printing, what is being printed, how much an individual user or department is printing, or how much money they are spending on printing overall.
With Dispatcher Paragon costs relating to printing, scanning, copying, and faxing can be centrally tracked and easily charged back to the relevant teams, departments, and individual users. This helps organisations to eliminate paper waste and prevent IT budgets from spiralling out of control.
Lee Davis, Associate Director of Software/Scanners, at Keypoint Intelligence commented, "Konica Minolta Dispatcher Paragon comes with everything you need to take control of your print environment. Print rules can be implemented to use lower-cost settings like duplex and black-and-white only, and administrators can define which functions are available to individual users. Konica Minolta Dispatcher Paragon also provides business with granular pricing and cost recuperation tools. Different prices can be set by user, cost center, device, or project, and administrators can enforce budgets, or define quotas to keep print costs in check."
Integrate analogue documents into digital workflows with Document Navigator 5

Data, and the ability to access it quickly, have never been more important. On the other hand, most employees spend considerable time on recurring tasks as part of their daily working routine. Documents must be scanned, processed, and delivered to one or more destinations, such as another department, a CRM system, or an electronic archiving solution. All these administrative tasks involve a lot of manual intervention for each individual document.
With the Document Navigator, document-based workflows can be easily automated. By offering intelligent document capture, processing and delivery, the Konica Minolta Document Navigator provides seamless electronic workflows for paper-based documents.
Andrew Unsworth, Consulting Editor, at Keypoint Intelligence commented, "Konica Minolta Document Navigator gives businesses high-end yet accessible tools such as visual, drag-and-drop workflow creators, connectors to third-party software, and a host of document processing tools to automate and increase the efficiency of their business processes. All that's required is imagination, which makes the solution a deserving two-time recipient of a Buyer Lab Pick Award."
Phillip John, Product Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd also commented, “With our two solutions, it has never been easier to keep track of document costs and to make analogue documents digitally available and integrated into digital workflows so quickly. Dispatcher Paragon and Document Navigator 5 generate high added value for any organisation and contribute to increased efficiency and effectiveness. We are very pleased that Keypoint Intelligence recognises this, and the two awards prove once again that Konica Minolta is a leader in the field of print and document management.”
Further highlights of Dispatcher Paragon Further highlights of Document Navigator 5
Access control and secure pull print prevent unauthorised usage and protects sensitive information at the MFP. Offers text and barcode recognition, as well as manual redaction features.
Offers a built-in payment system and vendor-independent device support. A Free Form feature auto-routes files to specific workflows based on content.
Companies that mainly deal with project-based work can assign billing codes to individual projects, including support for multi-level project structures.
This means all print operations can easily be allocated to related projects, allowing print costs to be quickly and easily charged back to projects or customers.
Images can be enhanced to increase legibility and documents can be annotated.
Detailed reporting can be created as the application allows various analyses, graphical statistics, and management reports to be generated. Businesses can add validation stops that let team members monitor and approve documents at various points in the workflow.
  Provides the ability to accept documents from a variety of sources and integrate with Konica Minolta MFPs.
  Documents can be exported to a variety of destinations, including popular cloud storage services, Microsoft SharePoint, third-party software, DBMSs and more.

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