Konica Minolta UK launches powerful and cost-effective Workplace Pure cloud services platform

London, UK | 1 December 2022

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd announces the launch of its cloud-based Workplace Pure platform. Formally known as bizhub Evolution, Workplace Pure provides highly cost-effective 24/7 access to a platform of constantly evolving services including centralised upload to cloud repositories, cloud print, secure guest print, smart document conversion and translation - all automated and streamlined from a single trusted source.

With many organisations looking to embrace the flexibility of Digital Transformation (particularly to facilitate remote/hybrid working and business agility), cloud-based services provide an obvious and compelling solution. For many this means moving from an over-reliance on physical documents to streamlined electronic workflows, which help to automate the laborious but essential regime of document processing.
Workplace Pure’s integration of external cloud storage services (including Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, and SharePoint Online) ensures business teams have full but secure access to these storage services, enabling them to work seamlessly in unison and avoiding potential data silo, sharing/synchronising, or security issues.
Unlike rival services it doesn’t just run on a multi-function printer either, all the services can be fully accessed via a tablet, laptop, or smartphone browser, making it extremely easy to use and flexible to the needs of your organisation and your team.
Cloud Print

The Cloud Print service delivers ultimate flexibility through location-independent secure printing from various applications, with fast and easy deployment. Print directly from an application (like Microsoft Word), via a browser on your smartphone or tablet, from your Google environment, or via Microsoft Universal Print, all via Workplace Pure using secure follow-me authentication.
With Cloud Print, organisations no longer worry about their print infrastructure - printers, servers, drivers, applications, and network. The platform is always up-to-date and compliant with the latest security standards, companies save costs as there is no upfront investment in print infrastructure (only paying for the services used), and solutions can be quickly and easily scaled up or down to meet demand.
Secure Guest Print

The Secure Guest Print service makes it easy for visitors to print from their mobile devices in a simple and highly intuitive but fully secure way, making it perfect for hotels, libraries, the educational sector and more, helping any organisation to stay secure.
Convert services
The Convert services take paper or digital documents and convert them into Word, Excel, or PDF, creating a fully searchable document.
If you need documents to be rapidly and accurately translated into another language, Workplace Pure’s Translate service uses powerful AI-powered machine translation from a source language to a target language (all via smartphone/tablet, desktop computer, or Konica Minolta’s bizhub devices, 24/7/365).

The EasyFlow service allows you to upload documents (such as invoices, contracts, holiday requests, expenses, and reimbursements) and to route them electronically to a designated approver to be signed digitally with a single tap or click. With the flexibility to customise the workflow for different document types, users, and approvers, this avoids the risk of lost or mislaid documents and makes the whole process faster and more reliable, reducing unnecessary workload and frustration.
Highly secure services

Workplace Pure can support any organisation with its transformation to full document workflow management, but without the need for a deep technical understanding or worry of how to implement these solutions in-house. Uniquely in the market, Workplace Pure is managed by Konica Minolta as the provider (with no intermediate platform) and requires no additional software installations.
Konica Minolta uses the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) data centre in Germany, where all shared data is hosted, and which is protected by the strictest EU legislation including GDPR. Workplace Pure has also been tested and approved by trusted third-party organisations, including Chrome Enterprise Recommended technical certification from Google, a highly respected Buyers Lab Gold rating from Keypoint Intelligence, and is featured in the BLI Pick Awards as ‘Outstanding Cloud Document-Services Platform’.



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