Konica Minolta positioned a Market Leader in cloud print services by Quocirca

| 16 May 2024

Konica Minolta has been categorised as a Market Leader in Quocirca’s assessment of the Cloud Print Services Landscape, 2024, published today. The report highlights the wide and growing adoption of Cloud print management solutions, with security concerns being the top barrier.

According to the industry analyst’s latest research, there has been a 14% increase in the number of organisations that are using a cloud print management solution, with 69% in 2024 compared to 55% in 2023. The upward trend is expected to continue with a further 26% of respondents planning to use cloud print management solutions in the future.
Whilst there is significant continual growth, the report highlights security as the top barrier to cloud print management adoption, with 32% of overall respondents saying that protecting corporate data is a top concern. For organisations using a cloud print management solution 36% have already adopted a zero-trust model, with a further 42% planning to adopt one in the next 12 months and only 6% having no intention to do so at all.
Security is a fundamental priority for Konica Minolta. These efforts have been acknowledged by Quocirca, citing its 'Robust Security’ and noting how the cloud services marketplace ’Workplace Pure adheres to the highest security and data confidentiality requirements, as demanded by Konica Minolta's customers.’ It has been 'developed under the Data Protection by Design principle’ and supports a range of different authentication systems.
In addition to Workplace Pure, Konica Minolta also offers the recently launched SAFEQ Cloud, an all-in-one cloud-native print management and scanning solution that includes policy-based authentication controls, a least privilege access model, a zero-trust approach, secure network traffic for metadata and print jobs going to the cloud, and compliance with ISO 27001, CCM and CAIQ, to support businesses that have or are planning to switch to a cloud-first print strategy.
The report observes how Konica Minolta’s cloud solutions are well suited to organisations of all sizes and how they are backed by its well-established cloud print infrastructure services, remote monitoring and management, and comprehensive security services.
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“We are proud to be recognised as a Market Leader in cloud print services. Its growth, as reported by Quocirca, reflects our experience at Konica Minolta. Organisations of all sizes are recognising not only the operational and productivity gains it delivers but also a higher level of data, document and print security. This is an important message for those who still perceive it as a barrier to reaping the rewards of a cloud-first print strategy.”

Olaf Lorenz

Head of International Marketing Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

In being categorised as a Market Leader, Konica Minolta is recognised by Quocirca as a vendor that ‘leads the market in both strategic vision and depth of service offering. Leaders have made significant investments in their service portfolio and infrastructure, and are supported by strong delivery capabilities.’



Graham Thatcher

Chief PR Ltd