Konica Minolta launches multifunctional A3 colour system bizhub C257i

London, UK | 8 December 2020

New addition to the portfolio provides full IT performance on a small budget

Konica Minolta is introducing the newest member of the bizhub i-Series portfolio, the bizhub C257i. This A3 colour multifunctional peripheral (MFP) provides the full IT capability of other i-Series products, but as an entry-level model it is particularly attractive to companies with smaller budgets.

"MFPs have transformed in the wake of digitalisation. They are no longer just a printing device — they are a link between printed, physical workflow steps and their virtual, digital counterparts. They are designed to make the transitions between the two types of workflow as seamless and smooth as possible," says Malcolm Smith, Product Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd.
All bizhub i-Series machines are designed for this purpose — including the new bizhub C257i. Thanks to the IT6 platform, the colour A3 MFP is connected to Konica Minolta MarketPlace, which is preinstalled on the device. This allows users to securely access, implement and manage a wide range of cloud-based services and applications quickly and easily, even without IT skills. Konica Minolta ensures that these solutions are updated regularly and are compatible with the customer's IT system.
MarketPlace can also be used to manage licences, providing a real-time overview and control over access and costs. To deliver the cost efficiency and flexibility SMEs require, Konica Minolta only charges for the services, capacities and applications that are actually used. With Open API support, the bizhub C257i can also be easily integrated into existing document workflows with several server-based or device-based print and scan applications. This is very helpful if a company is changing its document workflows and adaptations are required.
Big performance on a small budget
According to InfoSource, the 21 to 30 ppm MFP segment was the top-selling segment in 2019, with 54% in Western Europe and 73% in Eastern Europe. As the bizhub C257i offers a print speed of 25 ppm — as well as a greatly improved print quality in comparison to its predecessors—Konica Minolta can perfectly meet the demands of a large segment of the market. This is particularly true in view of the fact that the bizhub C257i comes equipped with the full IT functionality offered by all other models in the bizhub i-Series, despite being an entry-level MFP that targets SMEs with small budgets. Put simply: With the bizhub C257i, customers get big performance on a small budget.
The bizhub C257i has 6 GB of memory — three times more than its predecessors. The system storage has been changed from HDD to 256-GB SDD for faster read and write speeds, a noticeable performance boost, low energy consumption and no data loss due to vibration. Furthermore, the scanning speed has increased to 55 ppm in simplex. The bizhub C257i comes with an upgraded Automatic Document Feeder and a new 50-sheet finisher with manual stapling as new functionality.
Prevent MFPs becoming a gateway for cyber attacks
Security is more important than ever, and printer security is often misjudged as a possible gateway for cyber-attacks. To combat this, Konica Minolta has equipped the bizhub C257i with the same security standards as the other systems from the bizhub i-Series. The leading-edge anti-virus solution BitDefender has been embedded in the firmware and monitors all scanned files and transferred documents in real time. It immediately detects viruses and malware and sends an alert about the potential threat. It also enables manual scanning on hard drives as well as scanning on demand, preventing the spread of viruses to other PCs and servers and ensuring that the multifunction device does not become a springboard for losing corporate information.
Furthermore, the bizhub i-Series can be equipped with bizhub SECURE, a special function for MFPs on which different security levels can be set to ensure the security of office devices and protect device memory and network settings. A notifier app also warns the project owner responsible when settings are changed.
Self-diagnosis minimises downtime and ensures uninterrupted use
Equipped with a large number of sensors enabling self-diagnosis and use of the Konica Minolta Remote Service Platform, the bizhub C257i minimises downtime and ensures uninterrupted use. Consumables such as toner are delivered proactively, and a maintenance technician can be called automatically when needed. Thanks to these capabilities, tasks like stock maintenance and day-to-day issue management are no longer the responsibility of IT departments. This can be of great benefit, especially in small and medium-sized companies with fewer IT personnel.
Ease of use externally confirmed
Recently, Keypoint Intelligence awarded Konica Minolta the Buyers Lab (BLI) PaceSetter award 2020–2021 in Ease of Use: Enterprise Devices. To determine who leads the market, Keypoint Intelligence carried out a study on functionality in every-day usage situations in enterprise work scenarios. In addition to MarketPlace, the Konica Minolta touchscreen panel and "Personalize" app were the most striking features.
With an intuitive smartphone-style user interface, the bizhub C257i screen provides easy access to all basic settings and touch navigation, for a convenient and effective user experience. This recognises that users need to be able to focus on their core competencies and skillsets, rather than be forced to figure out how to work with an MFP. With the "Personalize" app — also available via MarketPlace — users can customise the functionalities available from the home screen to adjust the device to suit their individual working behaviour.

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This A3 colour multifunctional peripheral (MFP) provides the full IT capability of other i-Series products, but as an entry-level model it is particularly attractive to companies with smaller budgets.

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