Konica Minolta connects with customers at ‘virtual.drupa’

Langenhagen, Germany | 12 May 2021

Greater automation, sustainability and increased demand for embellishment technologies and software solutions were among key messages from customers who joined Konica Minolta for its online presence at ‘virtual.drupa’.

The technology leader showcased latest innovations to demonstrate to the global print community how customers can grow their business with highly automated systems, increased productivity and efficiency with advanced digital solutions.
Experts from Konica Minolta played an active role in web sessions covering a wide array of topics. They provided examples of how customers’ businesses have been really transformed through its technology and software, with the shift towards digital in some areas accelerating in the pandemic. Discussion themes also included how multi-channel communications such as QR codes, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are taking print into a new world, connecting directly with digital media and the internet. Intuitive software to improve performance – such as AccurioPro Dashboard, AccurioPro Flux in combination with the Trimming unit TU-510 and the intelligent quality care unit IQ-501 – were also highlighted in order to show how easy workflow automation can be.
Presentations covered the power of embellishment in conjunction with business partner MGI, an in-depth look at automated digital print production and a special focus on the MOTIONCUTTER Digital High-Speed Laser System.
The fast-growing sectors of digital labels and packaging production were also spotlighted. A key spotlight was the AccurioLabel 230 roll-to-roll digital toner press, which now has 800 units installed across the world. Konica Minolta only started its adventure into the labels business area five years ago and now has a top-ranked labels market share of 33.9%. Two defining trends are e-commerce and sustainability, according to Edoardo Cotichini, Senior Manager, Professional Print at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. Labels and packaging are specific growth areas for Konica Minolta, which announced its European launch of the PKG-675i inkjet press for the fast-growing short-run corrugated packaging market earlier this year.
Another feature was Konica Minolta’s AccurioJet KM-1e, which provided the basis for a presentation entitled, “Unexpected Printing”. This B2+ inkjet sheetfed production press was formally launched at drupa in 2016 and has been dubbed the “Swiss Army Knife” of printing because it has so many uses. It was also revealed that Konica Minolta now has around 200 installations worldwide, of which 20% are within Europe, revealed Hidetoshi Omo, Konica Minolta’s Head of Competence KM-1, from the Industrial Pan-European Showroom in Bratislava, Slovakia, one of the venues for product demonstrations.
Prokom, the global user group of Konica Minolta print customers, also had a presence at ‘virtual.drupa’. ‘Connect, learn and grow’ were the central messages for the presentation.
All presentations can be seen by clicking on the links immediately below:  
Olaf Lorenz, Senior General Manager Digital Transformation Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, said: “Although a ‘virtual.drupa’ will never be a match for the physical presence of being at a show, as an online platform it gave us an opportunity to engage with and help our customers rethink possibilities. We also did take away a number of sales leads and new ideas to develop and are happy – since the date for the next ‘live’ drupa has just been announced – we are happy to build on the success of this virtual version of the most important fair in the industry in 2024.”




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