Konica Minolta and MGI announce global launch of the AlphaJET 4.0 digital printing system and its first sale in France

| 13 October 2022

MGI Digital Technology has launched the AlphaJET, the world’s first Single-Pass B1+ Digital Inkjet Press from Printing to Finishing, featuring a unique combination of water-based CYMK Inks with in-line Digital Embellishment and Eco-Spot UV Coating & Green-Foil Technologies. Together with Konica Minolta, the first AlphaJET Democenter has been established for customers in a dedicated Center of Competence at Konica Minolta’s premises in Paris.

Partners Konica Minolta and MGI Digital Technology have also announced that a second dedicated AlphaJET Democenter will open at Konica Minolta’s premises in New York early next year, to further accelerate the companies’ digital transformation journey and customer engagement.
A first customer for AlphaJET has also already been announced. ISRA, an industrial cooperative that operates in the packaging sector and prints cards with or without chips aimed at the retail, transport and authentication and access control markets, has chosen the advanced MGI AlphaJET system to optimise its entire production flow and benefit from the advantages of Industry 4.0.   
By purchasing MGI AlphaJET, ISRA confirms the five-year innovation plan that is part of the “France Relance” initiative, a massive €100 billion investment plan to support businesses, rethink production models, transform infrastructure and invest in training. ISRA has always been focused on innovation: the company has recently developed the very first “zero plastic” ISBIO paper, which has now become popular among big brands and luxury customers thanks to its eco-friendly appearance and its fully recyclable material.
In this context, the purchase of MGI AlphaJET seemed to be a logical continuation of ISRA’s innovation strategy, according to its CEO, Jean-Pierre Chauvin.
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Today, five main steps are generally required in order to produce our products. MGI AlphaJET will enable us to simplify the production flow and free ourselves from certain printing constraints, without load breakages, without waste and in a time-efficient manner, with unparalleled productivity that is impossible to achieve using conventional equipment.

Jean-Pierre Chauvin


The Factory 4.0 single-pass concept, with complete automation of manufacturing processes for customized and flexible mass production and unique value-added opportunities, are at the heart of the partners’ digital water-based four-colour inkjet press. It produces up to 1,800 B1 sheets per hour, with the highest Inkjet print resolution of 1,600 dpi.
MGI & Konica Minolta are bringing the factory 4.0 revolution to various graphic arts market segments, including packaging, folding carton, web-to-print/to-packaging, commercial printing, books and magazines.
The substrates compatibility ranges from a minimum 135 gsm thickness up to 2mm. They include coated and uncoated papers, folding carton, e-flue cardboard and synthetics from B2 to B1+ size.
The eco-friendly single-pass production includes CMYK water-based pigment inks, eco-spot UV coating & green-foil (flat, raised & embossed) stamping, OPV lamination effects.
The factory 4.0 AlphaJET digital inkjet press is certified deinkable by INGEDE for: CMYK water-based inks, Eco-UV-Coating & green-foil, on certain substrates, as well as FOGRA certified.
The AlphaJET unique selling points are:
  • A break-through patented flat paper transport with: Electromagnetic substrate transport with Smart Trays systems for perfect registration and movements, resulting in high resolution printing & jam-free operations
  • CMYK & spot UV coating registration using intelligent scanners and colour calibration with complete automation
  • IOT system and MGI connect cloud-based platforms
  • Competitive total cost of ownership – no tooling, no waste, no preparation
Software enhancements include interactive digital proofing validation with a digital value-added sales assistant, pre-press automated workflow, and state-of-the-art cloud solutions using MGI Connect.
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The MGI AlphaJET offers unlimited opportunities. The single-pass factory 4.0 from printing to finishing using water-based & UV inks is a breakthrough innovation for Printing and Packaging Industries. One equipment operator, one press and one single factory. AlphaJET has been a significant journey from concept to finalisation, but I know I speak on behalf of all the team in saying we are immensely proud of our achievements as we head towards full commercial production. Our all-in-one concept provides huge flexibility for value-added production from proofing to run-lengths of millions – all at a competitive cost.

Edmond Abergel

CEO of the MGI Group

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The global launch of the MGI AlphaJET is a significant step forward as we continue to accelerate our digital transformation journey – both internally as well as externally. Today, we are growing far beyond our core markets and successfully expanding in markets such as IT services, healthcare, and digital manufacturing, as well as finishing and embellishment. Both MGI and ourselves continue to work closely together and with our customers in a collaborative approach, and we expect to make further announcements soon.

Olaf Lorenz

Senior General Manager, Digital Transformation Division at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe



Graham Thatcher

Chief PR Limited