Konica Minolta and Intuitive BI enable more than 200 organisations to make services improvements and efficiency gains using business intelligence

| 31 October 2023

Konica Minolta Business (UK) Ltd and Intuitive BI today announced that more than 200 organisations have been able to make service improvements and efficiency gains in print management through data-driven business intelligence.

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“Together with Konica Minolta we are pioneering new ways to deliver Managed Print Services that enable organisations to harness their data to optimise their return on investment, whether that is through fleet optimisation, or other opportunities to reduce costs, improve productivity and profitability.”

Roger Stocker

CEO of Intuitive

Konica Minolta recently revealed that it has been named a ‘Leader’ in Managed Print Services (MPS) by Quocirca for a third consecutive year in its Managed Print Services, 2023 report. The report highlighted a trend towards organisations wanting more IT services from their MPS providers.
The result of the partnership between the two companies, which began in 2016 is Intuitive Dashboards for print management. This started with a customised Managed Print Services dashboard which was unique in the market. The next development was Intuitive for SafeQ, a powerful pre-integrated business intelligence dashboard that show organisations using the SafeQ print management system exactly where their print demand is coming from. This was closely followed by Intuitive for PaperCut MF which provides
unparalleled insights for organisations using PaperCut for their print management.

The collaboration with Konica Minolta has resulted in Intuitive BI’s Managed Print Services (MPS) business going from a standing start to rapidly becoming Intuitive’s largest and fastest growing area of its business, with 200 organisations and thousands of devices being supported. Today, Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd is its biggest partner globally.
The latest addition to the portfolio is Intuitive DX which allows Konica Minolta to work more closely with their customers to identify opportunities for digital transformation. Intuitive has also recently announced innovations focussing on the Cloud with Intuitive for PaperCut Hive soon to be followed by Intuitive for SafeQ cloud.
Roger Stocker, explains, “Leveraging the cloud to centralise data will enable organisations to unlock even greater sector specific data that goes beyond print, as well as making the technology and its benefits more accessible to smaller organisations.”
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“Placing dashboards that are driven by high-quality data at the fingertips of our customers is hugely transformative, unleashing the potential to gain fresh insights that enable them to make better, more informed and timely decisions about how they take their businesses forward.” Ash adds, “We know the positive impact it can have, because we use Intuitive dashboards at Konica Minolta.”

Mark Ash

Chief Revenue Officer At Konica Minolta



Graham Thatcher

Chief PR Ltd