Konica Minolta’s 123-txt platform demonstrates the power of SMS to deliver critical messaging during the COVID-19 outbreak

| 17 April 2020

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Limited’s cloud-based 123-txt platform is demonstrating the power of private SMS systems for critical messaging during the UK’s COVID-19 outbreak. Independent studies indicate that SMS messages are read nearly 100% of the time (and typically within five seconds of receipt), making system-driven SMS notifications the perfect way to ensure important timely information is read by staff, customers, patients, parents, students, and other stakeholders.

Steve Doust, Director of Sales and Marketing at Konica Minolta states, “With many people working from home and relying on online systems for business communications, there is an increased danger of important information being lost in an information overload. Critical messaging must be directed straight to the intended recipient quickly, easily and clearly using their smart device, which is where SMS notifications are particularly well suited.”

Research suggests that, on average, people pick up their mobile device 58 times a day and spend three hours and 15 minutes on their phones. It is a vital way to convey information, but critical communications must grab the attention of the viewer ahead of all other information. 

Steve Doust, Director of Sales and Marketing at Konica Minolta continues, “Application to Person (A2P) SMS utilises the cellular network to send critical messaging directly to a mobile device. Not only is this approach highly reliable it also separates the data from other messaging apps to ensure its prominence. It is also highly secure - 123-txt, for example, uses powerful end-to-end encryption to ensure full privacy of information.”

Konica Minolta’s 123-txt solution is widely used by healthcare providers, schools, local authorities and businesses for critical communications. For example, it can be used to rapidly message medical support or cleaning staff within a busy hospital, to alert warehouse operatives that an important delivery needs to be loaded/unloaded or by a pharmacy to advise customers that a vital prescription is ready to be collected, which help reduce queuing and lower the risks of cross infection in the store.  

Being entirely cloud-based, 123-txt is also very simple to install, with no need for any in-house hardware or mobile contracts. A solution can be up and running in 5 working days or less. Messages are sent using any standard web browser or via an email, and uptime is guaranteed 24/7 from any suitable internet-enabled device.

The Konica Minolta team is on hand now to help any organisation requiring urgent assistance with their critical communications needs during these challenging times. For advice or further information please visit our website.

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