How Artificial Intelligence is taking human productivity to the next level

| 11 March 2019

A catalyst in the workplace: how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking human productivity to the next level

Digitalisation is profoundly reshaping the workplace. With IT systems gradually being transformed into connected environments, personalisation and collaboration are becoming more intuitive while data sharing and information management are becoming automated. Konica Minolta is tailoring solutions at the forefront of these customer needs. Empowering and unburdening workers will be the key to future business success where AI will play a major part.

Olaf Lorenz, General Manager International Marketing Division at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, and contributor to Katie King’s new book “Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge” provides a deeper insight.

“AI is already changing the way we utilise and interact with technology. The potential for improvements in workplace efficiency are extensive, and Konica Minolta offers a strong foundation to be a part of it,” says Olaf Lorenz. “Additionally, contrary to the common misconception, AI promotes the creation of new jobs rather than destroying them. In the past, technology has led to creating new opportunities, as tedious tasks no longer restrict human workers, instead empowering employees whilst promoting development, creativity and innovation.”

Konica Minolta is therefore developing solutions for evidence-based business services that address workplace efficiency, security and effectiveness to make the office environment adaptive and thus meet the specific needs of the workforce. Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub, for example, is an innovative and intelligent, scalable IT solution – specifically developed for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses - that unifies IT infrastructure via a single centralised platform. And as the world of work evolves, so does Workplace Hub. Smart features being developed for future release include a cognitive layer of the IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Edge and decision support capabilities, ultimately leading to the next-generation solution, Cognitive Hub. Cognitive Hub aims to augment intelligence beyond where AI is today, helping transform the flood of unstructured information into meaningful data to empower decision-making at an intellectually enabled pace. In order to build truly AI-based augmented intelligence, Konica Minolta recognises it is fundamental to take a broad perspective that builds on the fringes of a digital environment alongside human intuitiveness.

AI will establish a new level of user experience in the near future. In marketing, AI can help reinvent existing products and services to create new user experiences and enhance personalised marketing techniques. Olaf Lorenz, representing Konica Minolta, recently contributed to Katie King’s latest book “Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge”, to give an outlook on where the working life of marketing experts is heading.

“Konica Minolta was an obvious choice when I was considering which brands to interview for my book. I was fascinated to learn about the company’s views on how people in the future will work in digitally connected environments where personalisation is enabled and collaboration, data sharing and information management are automated. It soon became clear that AI is already enabling Konica Minolta to manage information flows in digital workplaces,” Katie King concludes.

About the book

“Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge” by Katie King, was published by Kogan Page on 3 February 2019. The book delivers a real-world framework for the confident application and integration of AI for marketing strategies and campaigns. It outlines time-saving marketing efficiencies such as chatbot customer service, market research samples, big data insights and brand-safe content creation. It clarifies how to manage both the advantages and ethical questions that arise in computer-based decision-making in line with individual business objectives.

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