Konica Minolta to dedicate 600 working days to social value and support of three local UK charities

London, UK | 18 September 2023

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd has announced three charity partnerships as part of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework. Working alongside Candlelighters, Dynamic and Trust Links, the company is committed to delivering value that has a positive social, economic, and environmental wellbeing impact, within the local communities the company serves, that goes above and beyond its products and services.

This year, Konica Minolta asked its 600 UK employees what charities they wanted to support, before putting the final selection to an all-company vote. Environment, Social & Governance Partner at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd, Gillian Anderson, states,
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It was important for us to listen to the voice of our employees, to understand what matters to them in their communities, and through doing so identify how, as a collective we can have the biggest impact.

Gillian Anderson

Environment, Social & Governance Partner at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd

The charities that Konica Minolta will support throughout the next 12 months are Candlelighters, Dynamic and Trust Links.
Candlelighters supports families facing children's cancer in Yorkshire. Each year, over 150 children in Yorkshire are diagnosed with cancer and the charity supports these children and their families, providing emotional, practical, and financial support, as well as bringing hope, by investing in vital research to improve treatment and save lives.
The Dynamic centre for children and young people with disabilities provides help and support to children (ages 8-25) and families with disabilities in and around Wrexham. It provides a range of services, including after-school and holiday groups and support for their parents/carers and families.  Dynamic is one of the only charities in the area providing this vital support.
Trust Links is a local independent charity aiming to improve mental health, wellbeing, and the environment in Essex. Each year the charity supports more than 4000 people through its therapeutic gardening, social activities, peer support, recovery classes, employment support and more, with the aim of improving wellbeing, building connections and learning, and boosting mental health.
Anderson, adds, “When we look to partner with a charity, we look for an organisation that we can support in the local community, that our employees care about and where we feel we can make a meaningful difference.”
Throughout the next 12 months Konica Minolta’s 600 employees working throughout the UK will embark on a programme of volunteering and fundraising for the three charities. Anderson continues, “Every employee can spend one working day per year volunteering for good causes, which means we are dedicating 600 days to local community projects and initiatives. However, many employees go above and beyond when it comes to raising money and dedicating more of their time.”  
To aid the efforts of employees Konica Minolta has developed a Social Impact App that can be installed on their mobile devices to help them keep track of their volunteering and fundraising activities and share them with colleagues. One of the first initiatives begins on 1st August which will see the team attempting to complete 150,000 miles before the end of September. Anderson explains, “It is a fantastic opportunity to get out in the fresh air, raise money, as well as celebrate Konica Minolta’s 150th anniversary.”
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