Certified security: Konica Minolta obtains ISO 27001 certification for its Information Security Management System

| 16 June 2020

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe has obtained ISO 27001 certification for its established Information Security Management System (ISMS). This standard verifies that Konica Minolta is pursuing the highest level of information security within its organisation.

The scope of the ISO 27001 certification also entails the customer-facing print management services such as office printing and industrial printing solutions. This includes the relevant applications for Customer Service Remote Care (CSRC) as well as the printing fleet and supporting IT infrastructure at Konica Minolta Business Solution’s headquarter in Langenhagen, Germany. The certificate was granted on the basis of a thorough audit by KPMG. This entailed an in-depth screening of Konica Minolta’s holistic information security approach across all areas – from HR to customer relations and across all channels, from digital processes to a clean desk policy in the organisation. This makes Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe an ISO 27001-certified supplier – an attribute increasingly sought after by customers.

“For Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, security of information is paramount,” explains Thomas Kirsch, the organisation’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): “This is why we are pursuing a comprehensive approach to information security, both within our organisation and when it comes to the information processes we implement for our customers.” Konica Minolta has set up a total of 28 dedicated information security policies as well as a significant number of corresponding cross-divisional processes. These encompass a broad range of measures, from a clean desk policy and information transfer to physical security precautions, all of which are strictly adhered to by employees.

Konica Minolta welcomes the fact that an increasing number of customers are specifically looking for suppliers with verified security standards in place. “After being mainly sought after by large, corporate customers in the past, we see that awareness for the importance of secure information management is growing across all industries and business sizes,” Kirsch elaborates.

This is reflected in precise requirements explicitly included in tender documents, for example. “Of course, we want to ensure that we fulfil the highest standards. We also want to support our customers in achieving this, as it is increasingly crucial for their business success,” says Kirsch. Konica Minolta therefore offers its customers a holistic 360-degree security consulting service and a very broad variety of solutions that are tailored to their existing systems and specific business requirements: “Our goal with this approach is to address organisation security in a complete and comprehensive manner. We want to make sure that every aspect relevant to security is covered, including monitoring the infrastructure – both hardware and software – within the network,” explains Kirsch. As part of its IT security services, Konica Minolta can therefore take over the continuous monitoring of all IT security for its customers. Konica Minolta’s holistic security approach also takes into account all relevant adjacent areas, such as the printing infrastructure or perimeter security. “Here, too, Konica Minolta pursues an integrative approach to ensure our customers have exactly the protection of their information in place that they need. This is an essential element of our offering that we call Intelligent Connected Workplace,” Kirsch concludes.

More information about Konica Minolta’s Information Security offering here.

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