AtoZ Printing doubles its labels production with the help of Konica Minolta’s bizhub Press C71cf

London, UK | 30 January 2023

Konica Minolta’s bizhub Press C71cf has enabled Hampshire-based labels specialist AtoZ Printing Ltd to double its previous production levels, ensuring the business can continue to grow and meet the demands of its customers, maintaining its reputation for quality products with a quick turnaround time.

Established in January 2019 by owner and Company Director Catalin Tutuianu, AtoZ Printing is based in Kingsley near Bordon in Hampshire. It specialises in producing finished and embellished labels for a wide variety of industry sectors, with prominent examples being food and drink packaging and household consumer products. Having already utilised a desk top digital label press, AtoZ Printing was experiencing production restrictions due to the narrow web it would run and the slow printing operating speed. The company turned to Konica Minolta as a trusted print partner to find the right solution.
Building on an already excellent reputation with its local and national UK customer base, AtoZ Printing was keen to find the right solution to increase production levels
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I had used Konica Minolta’s label presses in the past and was impressed by the quality, ease of use and speed. Along with my excellent working knowledge of these solutions, it was clear that Konica Minolta had the right solutions to address our productivity issues.

Catalin Tutuianu

owner and Company Director of AtoZ Printing

The bizhub Press C71cf offers ease of operation, low maintenance, and impressive reliability that makes it a highly compelling choice for label producers. Catalin added, “The timing was perfect – Konica Minolta had a machine ready and offered us an excellent pay-per-click package. We were able to realise the benefits very quickly, producing up to 3,000m of products a day - which would have been more typical for a whole month before! This also means the turnaround time for jobs of four to five days beforehand, has been slashed to two to three days now.”
Working with print industry customers and supporting them on their evolving journey is an important part of Konica Minolta’s mission to help businesses ‘See the Potential’, as Russell Palmer, Commercial Print Account Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd  commented, “AtoZ Printing is an excellent example of a label business that listens closely to its customers, produces the right products, and delivers the services that will ensure the print industry continues to evolve and thrive. We are proud to be the trusted professional partner of choice in supporting this.”   
With the considerable benefits of using the bizhub Press C71cf already proven to AtoZ Printing, Catalin is already looking towards the next step in the company’s evolution. “Business is flourishing, and we have ambitious growth targets, so we are talking to the Konica Minolta team to explore how their solutions can further support this. I have been very impressed by the flexibility of Konica Minolta as our print partner, I know and trust the support teams and look forward to our continued professional relationship as AtoZ Printing reaches its next phase of development.”



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