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The workplace of the future is already here, as advances in technology have accelerated adoption of remote and hybrid working. Better working conditions that reflect this evolution are seen as the key to attracting new (especially younger) people and retaining existing talent. Research shows that:
  • 53% of employees are more likely to prioritise health and well-being over work than before the pandemic
  • 62% of leaders see it as a challenge to support new employees since moving to hybrid or remote work


We're creating a work environment where employees feel comfortable and can thrive

The evolution of the workplace is an opportunity to provide working conditions that offer a sense of connection and fulfilment, and help develop talented people who create value and contribute to society. Konica Minolta has a company-wide commitment to creating a healthy, supportive environment in which our employees can thrive.

We're convinced that our achievements are built on our outstanding people, and believe that a culture of employee inclusiveness and collaboration is the best way to come up with game-changing ideas. However, this inspirational culture doesn’t come about unless we, as a company, support our employees. That's why we introduced Flourish, our employee journey, which supports every employee throughout their career to grow and flourish.


Flourish – our employee journey

Flourish is designed to help employees get the most out of their journey with Konica Minolta. Flourish supports all aspects of the working experience:
  • Personal development and growth
  • Health and well-being
  • Celebration of talent and achievement
By bringing everything together in a dedicated area on the Konica Minolta Europe intranet – from the latest news and views to performance reviews and benefits – we aim to make the full range of initiatives and resources available to everyone, everywhere at Konica Minolta.
Flourish is structured to convey the sense of a journey, using five colour-coded areas that reflect the changing needs of employees at different stages of their career.

1 Embed (onboarding). The starting point of the Konica Minolta journey, Embed focuses on helping new employees get started in the company and familiarising them with its core values. This involves learning about our Philosophy and Vision, and our Rethink Branding. We also introduce the communication and collaboration tools we use, including Microsoft 365.

2 Nurture (evaluate). This part of the journey is about feedback, which we see as an essential element of further development. We use a variety of tools such as the performance management MyDialog for employees, 360° Feedback for managers, and the Global Employee Survey for employees to give their feedback on the company.

3 Grow (develop). To keep growing, we offer our employees programmes to develop their skills and mindsets. These include the Konica Minolta Academy training and courses, as well as LinkedIn Learning Online Courses. In addition:
  • Our Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) gives employees opportunities to work for six-month periods on future challenges within creative cross-functional and pan-European teams.
  • We offer a programme for employees to live and work in Konica Minolta offices abroad to help create and foster cross-country networks and build intercultural competencies.
  • To support vertical growth, we run Leadership Programmes and other initiatives to strengthen our leaders and develop future leaders in their role.

4  Thrive (encourage). A healthy work-life balance is enabled through social exchange, the ability to balance work and family, and preventive health measures.

We promote diversity, equity and the inclusion of all employees; and have established employee networks for social exchange, such as Business Women Network and our LGBTQ+ network, VIBRANT.

With the New Way of Work pilot at our European headquarters and our German subsidiary, employees are free to choose to work from home, in the office or in a hybrid way, to help them achieve the work-life balance that's right for them. For care outside work, we offer family support, such as childcare and eldercare in Germany.

Through our Global Occupational Safety and Healthcare Policy and other employee offers, we aim to build a healthy, safe and supportive workplace environment through safety and healthcare initiatives that promote daily preventive actions.

We make information on medical topics, such as health and maternity protection and psychological risk analysis, available to our employees.

5  Shine (recognise). We recognise the effort and hard work that create our success, and believe this should be reflected not only in the right mix of benefits and remuneration, but also through public recognition of individuals' successes. We do that by sharing people's stories and promoting awards for successful transformations and business contributions.

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