Taking Video Security to the next level

XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S is the largest locally owned DIY centre in Vendsyssel. Founded 1966 by Egon Svendson it is greatly involved with the town, the surrounding area and the local business community. Having an old set up with a total of 22 security cameras, XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S decided to ask Konica Minolta, a long and trusted partner in copy and print, to replace their video surveillance system. In the end, Konica Minolta installed 40 digital MOBOTIX cameras with integrated intelligence and completely new administration and registration possibilities.




Intelligent Video Solutions


XL-BYG Elling has used video surveillance for many years and the number of cameras in use has steadily risen. Over the years, the centre’s analogue cameras were supplemented with five digital cameras to give an installation of a total of 22 cameras. The installation was no longer up to date, however, and the image quality was below par. For Kristian Nielsen, Konica Minolta was the obvious company to ask: “We’ve been a Konica Minolta copy and print custom­er for as long as I can remember. 


The collaboration has worked well, and when we attended an event at the XL-BYG headquarters, Carsten Holmgaard from Konica Minolta presented the new MOBOTIX cameras. Based on the description, it sounded as though the solution might be well suited to us, so we discussed the possibilities with Carsten.”

– MOBOTIX security camera system with:
– 33 indoor cameras
– 7 outdoor cameras
– Model i26, Model D16, Model p26, Model c26, Model M16

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In heat mapping, for instance, I see great potential. It gives us a reliable picture of the actual customer flow in the store. We can see how our in-store displays work, which areas generate the most traffic, and how we can arrange the store optimally with regard to promotional items and profitable product lines

Kristian Nielsen

Managing Director, XL-BYG Elling Tømmerhandel A/S

Intelligent video security for retail

Intelligent Video Solutions for Retail

Safeguarding Revenue and Optimising Sales

Solutions for preventive and security measures

Theft, fraud and manipulation by customers, employees and suppliers, can cost revenue, this is why the use of an intelligent video solutions within the retail sector is becoming more important. Not only to prevent theft or provide evidence but to provide you with information on your customers.