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Improved print quality and efficiency by replacing their printers

With a year left on their contract, the print and design team decided to research what was available to them. They wanted the latest technological advancement in print, finishing and software solutions. This would allow them to expand and deliver streamlined services to staff and students. As well as increase their revenue by targeting the external market.

Key objectives included:

  • Access to more sophisticated personalisation options they could offer to customers online
  • The ability to empower their customer to do more designing and document proofing themselves.

The above would need still provide a template structure that helped them meet brand guidelines and produce the best outcomes.

We conducted a full assessment of:

  • their existing workflow
  • the types of jobs being processed
  • future plans

All this enable us to truly understand the unique requirements of Surrey Design and Print.

Our recommend solution included:

  • Two colour production print systems. Ideal for processing short-run and variable data printing jobs in tight deadlines
  • A bizhub PRO machine to support the need for high-quality colour output. This would offer fast print/copy speeds at a lower cost.
  • Three black and white devices with a production speed of 94 A4 and 55 A3 pages per minute.
  • A range of finishing equipment and a market leading web submission solution.

Since installation, they believe the colour quality on the new bizhub devices is 70-80% better than their old device. The web-to-print service also allows staff, students and other customers to order and re-order online. Improving productivity and enabling the team to better manage workload.