The Sweyne Park School

The Sweyne Park School

The Sweyne Park School

The Sweyne Park School introduces a powerful and cost-effective 360° surveillance system

Faced with the need to renew and upgrade an aging CCTV infrastructure and the opportunity to introduce new functionality, The Sweyne Park School reached out to Konica Minolta for expert support and guidance. Following a demonstration of the company’s latest Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) and 360° cameras, which enable fully automated and comprehensive surveillance of key locations, the school was convinced this was the perfect solution to match its current and future requirements.




Intelligent Video Solutions

Following a review of its systems, the school felt its incumbent surveillance solution needed modernisation to continue providing the required levels of safety and security, turning to Konica Minolta for advice on the best solution for its needs.

Following a demonstration by Konica Minolta of its powerful Intelligent Video Solution (IVS), The Sweyne Park School was convinced this thoroughly modern and progressive alternative to the previous more rudimentary CCTV system would be the ideal enhancement to its daily security and safety regime.

Konica Minolta’s powerful IVS solutions provide a fresh and innovative approach to automated surveillance, replacing traditional CCTV systems with a far more integrated system. It delivers a highly automated and intelligent solution which equates to sophisticated artificial intelligence using high resolution cameras as its ‘eyes’.

Developed with real-world security challenges in mind, Konica Minolta’s IVS solutions combine visual, thermal, sound and sensor data to accurately monitor and therefore better protect any environment.
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The quality of the images returned are second to none, providing clarity that is above and beyond what our previous solution would provide. In addition to the 360° viewing, the solution provides comfort that there won’t be any blackspots in viewing, providing 24/7 security for everyone within the school grounds.

Dan Joslin

Network Manager at The Sweyne Park School

Intelligent video solutions for Education

Intelligent Video Solutions for Education

Intelligent Video Solutions can be used across your school or campus to provide a safer environment for all

Safeguarding staff and students

Your duty of care to your staff and students mean you want to provide a safe environment for them. At the same time, you need to protect your infrastructure and physical assets.

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