Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust

Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust

Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust

Providing visibility and cost savings across their print fleet

With their legacy print contract coming to an end, the Southport & Ormskirk NHS Trust wanted to review their entire print infrastructure. They wanted a greater understanding of device location, usage and running costs.

A comprehensive audit was carried to understand:

  • the number of devices
  • device location
  • user work requirements
  • workflows
  • processes

Following the audit, we provided a comprehensive overview of improvements, opportunities and savings. The audit helped with determining device utilisation, rationalisation and optimisation.

The new solution reduced the number of devices from 365 to 183, whilst delivering greater support and functionalist. With only 4 different models instead of 65, time spent on fleet maintenance was reduced. Automated toner replenishment also helped save administration time and money.

The inclusion of RightFax, a digital faxing software, provides a quicker, easier and more cost-effective alternative to traditional fax technology. It will also help toward minimising the risk of any potential GDPR breaches in the future.

Before Konica Minolta's solution was in place, the Trust was unable to accurately assess their print costs. They couldn't determine accurate volumes and baseline costs. They now anticipate a £600k saving over their 5-year contract. In addition, the Trust anticipates a 37% reduction in C02 emissions compared to their legacy fleet.