An innovative Smart Workflow Services (SWS) engagement with Konica Minolta enables Norse Group to gain insight into printed document volumes and lifecycles, address print-related issues, and plan for process transformation.

Norse Group was keen to have this information as it wants to reduce its reliance on printing and copying, and advance its digital transformation agenda


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An SWS audit, a service unique in the market


A Konica Minolta managed print customer
for around a decade, Norse Group has
consolidated its fleet of devices over time in
line with changing business needs. Today,
174 devices meet the needs of around 2,000
users across 100 sites.
“Rationalising our fleet and using print
management software to reduce waste have
helped us to streamline our print-related
costs,” says Chris Nichols, Infrastructure and
Business Project Technician at Norse Group.


Konica Minolta offered Norse Group a Smart
Workflow Services (SWS) audit, a service
that’s unique in the market. “SWS goes
beyond the high-level information provided
by a managed print service. It allows you to
quantify your printing activity and scrutinise
what’s being printed in the context of
workflows and processes,” says Chris.

“To be able to drive real change, you need data, and that’s what the SWS engagement has delivered. We now have information to help us resolve our immediate issues, and to plan the digitisation of print-centric processes to help us save money, increase efficiency, and support our transformation.”

Chris Nichols, Infrastructure and Business Project Technician, Norse Group

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