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Reducing costs with a managed print solution

In 2009, NC's IT department wanted to update the managed print solution they had in place. They had a mix of copiers from the incumbent provider and some networked devices acquired by IT on an ad-hoc basis. The existing copiers were unreliable, soon to be out of warranty and the consumables were expensive. With only some of the devices networked.

NC wanted to put in place, centralised control and management oversight. It was critical for them to identify where costs could be reduced and processes streamlined and made more efficient.

We won the 5-year contract through the Buying Solutions framework agreement, based on quality and value for money. We had conducted a full and comprehensive survey to determine the best MFD device at each location. In three and a half we provided a networked installation for over 100 colour MFDs at sites across Norfolk.

To get centralised control and management oversight, we included DocuPRO software in the solution. This provided them with:

  • document accounting
  • tracking and cost allocation
  • the ability to assign all document, prints and copies to individual users, departments or cost centres

This information allows them to identify the usage patterns and optimise technology deployment.

The new print solution has provided NC with several benefits:

  • print costs have been reduced
  • the time IT engineers spent on print problems has gone down
  • the amount of printer consumables procured has been reduced