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Milton Keynes Council

Increased efficiency and security by upgrading their printing devices

At the end of the Milton Keynes Council's last print contract, they wanted to replace and improve the services and solutions they offered their employees. The Council was aware of the risks, of so many users printing sensitive documents without any measures of control. There was also the environmental impact of wasted and unclaimed print that needed addressing.

Cost reduction and security were high on the agenda. And any new supplier needed to address these issues and provide clear and tangible results.


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savings for capital and service cost per clicks


Following the expiry of the Council’s last print contract, the need was evident to not only replace but improve the services and solutions offered to council employees. “We’d been aware for some time that our printing functionality was ageing and could be improved. We were aware of the risks of so many users printing potentially sensitive documents without any measures of control. The clear environmental impact of wasted and unclaimed print was also a key issue that needed addressing”, says Peter Firth, Desktop Manager at MKSP.


The Council's fleet is nearly all Konica Minolta MFDs, with an implant print room with a bizhubPRO device. They can now accurately manage costs and efficiencies. This removes any grey areas around usage and alerting them to any excessively used devices. The Council is delighted with the impact of this solution. They are now more efficient and making savings in the region of 30% for capital and services cost per clicks. They've also saved around 40-50 boxes of paper since the install.
The use of Pcounter has helped to reduce output by a further 15-20%. Their printing is also more secure, as print jobs are only released when a user authenticates at an MFD using their RFID card.
The next phase of the Council's ambitious plans is to implement a CSRC solution. Providing automatic ordering of toner and consumables. This will help reduce the number of toners held on Council sites. And will reduce the environmental impact of replacing toners prematurely.
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The reduction in print has been great. We’ve had six months with no issues at all and we’ve seen a dramatic drop in service calls since the upgrade. Furthermore, the increased security through card readers and secure release has improved the Council’s document processes.

Peter Firth

Desktop Manager, MKSP

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