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Kingston University

Kingston University

Delivering cost savings and an enhanced service

Kingston University had multiple contracts in place for some very old devices. So with its legacy contract coming to an end in 2017, they wanted to achieve standardisation across the entire print fleet. They wanted a single solution with standardised costs, consistent equipment and service delivery, campus-wide.

The University was keen to maximise the use of MFDs and reduce spend on disparate local printers that weren't cost effective. A better service delivery also a key driver for change. By migrating to a networked MFD-first infrastructure they could reduce the number of standalone printers. And gain the insight into all volumes output across their entire fleet.

Following a robust competitive tender process, using the RM3781 framework they chose to partner with us. This was based on a cost effective approach to delivering our Optimised Print Services (OPS) solution.

As part of this we:

  • rationalised the University's fleet providing over 100 MFDs
  • upgraded the legacy print management software solution
  • had a card reader fitted on the MFDs and a secure 'pull print' service was created.

A number of desktop printers were kept. And we installed entry-level production printing devices and solutions in their print room.

They now had awareness and control over usage and cost across the entire fleet for the first time. The University has been able to reduce the cost of print to students by 50% for colour printing. As part of our OPS solution we ensure continuous optimisation of the print fleet. This includes changing device locations on a regular basis to maximise uptime.