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Kardex Mlog Provides Optimized Warehouse Logistics with MOBOTIX Cameras

Kardex Mlog has over 40 years’ experience in planning, developing and maintaining fully automated logistics solutions for storing pallets, small parts, long goods and stage constructions. The general company offers a comprehensive service, including full technical support. Uninterrupted operation of the facility is always a priority. At the heart of operations are the storage and retrieval systems. Successful overall performance demands that this equipment be both reliable and dynamic. The company has been using MOBOTIX video systems for several years now, which help to resolve disruptions quickly and keep machine downtimes as short as possible.




Intelligent Video Solutions

Fast, punctual deliveries are the key to success in logistics, and successful deliveries require an efficient storage system. For example, storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) arrange Euro-pallets in fully automatic high-bay warehouses. If these systems stop running, this results in major economic losses for the company. That’s why Kardex Mlog, one of the leading suppliers of integrated material flow systems and high-bay warehouses, equips its AS/RS with MOBOTIX S15D cameras as standard in order to keep downtimes to a minimum. As a result, customers are able to reduce downtimes by up to 30 percent and obtain not only economic benefits but also greater safety for their employees.

To install the cameras on the systems, Kardex Mlog works closely with IBC Raif GmbH, an IT and automation service provider specializing in consultation, planning, installation, operation, training and services for security systems. “We have been selling MOBOTIX video systems for several years now and are thoroughly impressed with the solutions,” explains Norbert E. Raif, Managing Director at IBC Raif GmbH.

Kardex Mlog especially appreciates that the video systems can be ideally adapted to pre-existing IT infrastructures and that the systems do not require any additional cables or programs. The storage and retrieval systems are like unmanned forklifts that run on tracks through rack aisles up to 100 meters in length and 40 meters in height.


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