Sustainable Printing and Video Solutions FC Internazionale Milano

Sustainable Printing and Video Solutions FC Internazionale Milano

Sustainable Printing and Video Solutions FC Internazionale Milano

Intern Milan chooses Konica Minolta Solutions for its new Headquarters

Inter Milan voiced the need to equip its offices with a functional and technologically advanced infrastructure. As Inter’s official Digital Workplace Provider, Konica Minolta was able to meet this requirement and create an integrated and interactive digital office.


Digital Office


Video Solutions

The digital office for the new headquarters

Inter’s printing and document scanning infrastructure has been fully upgraded to improve organisational efficiency, create a collaborative working environment and foster a “smarter” way of working.

Around 40 of the very latest MFPs have been installed in the new headquarters and sports centres. Inter opted for Konica Minolta’s bizhub multifunctional devices owing to their customisable and easy-to-use interface, their high standards of security and data protection, and the ability to control access to the devices via the the YSoft SafeQ print management software.

Proactive monitoring of remote peripherals was seen as a further advantage by the club, since it wanted to have 24-hour assistance at its disposal. Environmental concerns were not neglected either.

Perimeter security and site access control have been taken care of too, with the installation of 46 intelligent Mobotix video cameras around the outside for counting the people entering and exiting the building. Inter chose Konica Minolta’s Mobotix camers not only because of their reputation for reliability, their high-quality video recording capability and their low maintenance requirements, but primarily because they do not provide mere video cameras — they provide integrated hardware and software capable of creating a single intelligent system.
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The technologies that we’ve implemented with Konica Minolta have enabled us to simplify our IT infrastructure and make it more efficient.

Alessandro Antonello

Chief Executive Officer, Inter Milan Football Club, Italy

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Intelligent Video Solutions

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Intelligence through optics and data

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent video and data solutions combine visual, thermal, sound and sensor data to better protect any environment. With a reputation for being the most robust cameras in the industry, these highly durable, IoT-enabled devices deliver exceptional image quality and data analysis.