Edmund Rice College

Edmund Rice College

Edmund Rice College

Protecting a School’s Assets.

Edmund Rice, formally Christian Brothers College, was established in 1926 and is an independent Catholic high school for boys located in the heart of the picturesque Illawarra district, to the south-west of Sydney. The founder of the Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice, lends the school its present-day name.




Intelligent Video Solutions


Since 2013 Edmund Rice College have invested millions to bring cutting-edge facilities to their students, including
a first class sports hall, state-of-the-art computing facilities, and new learning spaces both inside and out. The school’s current 1980s analogue security system was only semi-operational and not up to the essential task of protecting these assets. So the headmaster called in Dean Scanlen from Forcefield Security to carry out repairs. Dean knew that continuing to repairing the
increasingly defunct technology was not a long-term solution: “I suggested, why not include the installation of a brand new security system in the Sports Hall into the construction cost? I explained the savings that would be seen in the long term and how it was a perfect time to incorporate into the larger project.”


The decentralized design of the MOBOTIX cameras with intelligent low bandwidth requirements allowed integration into the school’s existing network and MOBOTIX hemispheric technology meant fewer cameras cover larger areas. With license-free regularly upgraded firmware, and cameras built to last and to stringent quality standards, MOBOTIX technology offered an
economical long-term solution and was perfect for the school. Furthermore, as many areas to be covered were internal, the competitive pricing of the indoor range brought even greater savings upfront. “In order to convince them, I suggested that they try out one MOBOTIX camera. They used it for a month, and came back more than happy and ready to go ahead with
the entire installation,” Dean explains.
Intelligent video solutions for Education

Intelligent Video Solutions for Education

Intelligent Video Solutions can be used across your school or campus to provide a safer environment for all

Safeguarding staff and students

Your duty of care to your staff and students mean you want to provide a safe environment for them. At the same time, you need to protect your infrastructure and physical assets.