Bio Products Laboratory

Bio Products Laboratory

Bio Products Laboratory

Saving them £50,000 a year by improving efficiency and reducing printing volumes

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) appointed us to provide an extended print service under lot 2 of the framework agreement.



The consultation process looks to determine how best to manage BPL's document services. In the initial phase, our industry specialists assessed where improvements could be made.

The team provided expertise that covered:

  • Capture - Providing complete and precise data about specific document flows, individual needs and service level demands.
  • Analyse - Using tools and methods to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the existing environment.

Our analysis also covered environmental impacts including electricity, toner use and CO2 emissions.


This detailed analysis enabled BPL to benefit from a series of initiatives including:

  • the installation of 62 networked MFDs - less than half their previous fleet.
  • saving around £50,000 per year in printing costs
  • reducing print volumes by 30%

We also provided tailored training for key users and internal support staff. With web-based multimedia training for permanent accessibility.


We helped establish and implement a set of ITIL best practices, designed to deliver operational excellence.

There is also continuous supervision in place to monitor device utilisation, status and alerts. With proactive monitoring, automatic technician and consumables dispatch.