Refer a Lead

Unlock Rewards and Empower Growth: Introducing Our Employee Referral Scheme


We are excited to launch our new employee referral scheme, which rewards and supports employees for discovering sales opportunities through daily conversations with customers. With over 10,000 customer interactions happening every month, our employees have a fantastic opportunity to generate sales and help our customers grow.

The new scheme is a big step forward and offers:

Significantly greater rewards if your referral results in a sale!

Easy tracking of your referrals in a dashboard, so you can check their status and follow up with sales

Tools and training to help you discover great opportunities through conversations

Rewards for all the key business lines, and even more rewards for referrals that result in up-sells or net new sales of strategic growth new business lines, such as added value print services, print-related solutions, managed IT, video solutions and services, industrial print, and more.

Full tracking of your referrals from end to end in our CRM, which ensures that no referrals are lost, and you can check progress at any stage.

The scheme is open to all employees, including field service engineers, and supports and rewards everyone for actively engaging with customers to understand their challenges and generate business to support our transformation.

To get started, submit your leads today by clicking the Refer a Lead link. If you're not sure how to start the conversation, check out our tips. Good luck, and don’t forget to track your results!"