Seven Key Business Benefits from Unleashing the Power of Cloud Printing

London, UK | 1 February 2024

Cloud Printing may sound complicated and whilst the technology behind it is indeed impressive, from a user’s point of view it is remarkably simple to use. The concept is a simple one - to enable users to send print jobs from their devices to printers via the internet. In doing so it streamlines the printing process, providing greater flexibility and accessibility. In a world where we all rely on Cloud-based services for many of our day-to-day IT needs, adding your print infrastructure to the list makes perfect sense.

The Business Advantages of Cloud Print

The most important thing to learn about Cloud Print is how it will benefit the business and your team. Here are the key benefits:

1. Cost savings

By eliminating the need to purchase and manage your own print servers, along with the associated overheads (maintenance of the hardware including physical storage/hosting, software upgrades/maintenance, power/cooling, training for IT staff etc.), there are considerable cost savings to be made. Cloud Print encapsulates all the print infrastructure and associated requirements, delivered by a professional team for a very reasonable monthly cost.

2. A simplified printing setup and configuration for hassle-free operations

Anyone can easily use Cloud Print. It eliminates the need to log into local servers or endlessly having to identify the right printer and associated software, all the options are stored in a single accessible online portal. Equally, if you’re not sure which printer is most suitable the Cloud Print solution can assign the job to the printer ideally suited for the print requirement or location.

3. Enhanced security

A good Cloud Print solution has centralised authentication and encryption measures, which means all print data is fully protected against unauthorised access to printed documents. A dependable Cloud Print provider will also ensure that security is regularly updated to safeguard against the latest threats, enabling your business to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

4. Increased mobility

Cloud Print provides teams with the ability to securely print from anywhere via the Cloud portal, including from smartphones and tablets (including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows). With the print system stored securely in the cloud, any member of the team with permission has access to it – be that in the communal office workspace, working from home or a favourite coffeeshop, road-based account managers or the sales team, or any other member of the team using their mobile device or laptop during the course of their working day.

5. Seamless integration

Hosting your print functionality in the cloud alongside existing cloud-based workflows and applications makes it much easier to create a more holistic workplace solution – everything works together without any hassles. By combining compatible Cloud Storage and Collaboration tools with Cloud Print, you can also easily print documents directly from these. 

6. Scalability

Cloud Print is highly scalable and ideal for accommodating your varying printing needs, without infrastructure limitations or large capital expenditure costs to upgrade systems. You have the flexibility to upscale or downscale as your business demands and pay for the resources needed, to ensure you have an affordable and manageable monthly cost.

7. Greater control of your printing

If your business operates a fleet of various printers at different locations (and even from a range of providers) it can be difficult to keep track of spending and to monitor who is printing what. Cloud Print services offer robust print management tools and analytics, allowing you to control printing activities, accurately track costs, and optimise print workflows.

Choosing the right Cloud Print provider for your business

To ensure you get the right Cloud Print service to meet the needs of your business, you need a provider that will support you and be a reliable ongoing partner. It is important to consider factors such as suitable security, scalability to meet current and future requirements, compatibility with existing infrastructure, and ease of implementation. You will also want assurances regarding the reliability of the service and of course that it is affordable and represents good value for money.  

How Konica Minolta’s Cloud Print services can help your business

Konica Minolta's Cloud Print solutions operate on a highly flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) model, providing a comprehensive package for your business at an affordable monthly fee.

By opting for this approach, your business eliminates the substantial upfront costs associated with purchasing, installing, and maintaining in-house systems. Instead, you gain access to a robust and consistently updated Cloud Print solution that is run by experts, ensuring your team enjoys flexibility in their work while benefiting the entire organisation.
Don’t worry about the move to our services either - the transition to your new Cloud Print solution is seamless, with Konica Minolta's expert team handling the secure migration, operation, and continuous optimisation of your print infrastructure in the cloud.

This enables your organisation to operate dynamically, with the confidence that its essential Print Management is both reliable and fully fit for purpose.
To learn more about the Cloud Print options available from Konica Minolta, and for a free demonstration of how they will benefit your organisation please visit:



Graham Thatcher

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